The Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine Offers Integrative Treatments for Depression, Stress, and Pain


Philadephia, PA — 12/25/2017 — The Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine offers several potent treatments for patients coping with both physical and emotional illness. The Yang Institute specializes in combining the best innovations in Eastern and Western medicine to treat patients as effectively as possible. Their certified health professionals take all aspects of a patient's life into consideration when making a diagnosis and providing treatment. The therapies and health solutions they offer achieve clinically-proven results that rival, and, in some cases, trump the results of traditional medicine.

One such treatment that the Yang Institute provides is transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, or TMS, which has proven effective in treating depression and anxiety while avoiding the side effects associated with medication. Using magnetic fields, TMS directly targets brain regions related to depression and anxiety, activating or suppressing activity so as to normalize and stimulate function. In contrast to traditional therapies for these mental conditions, TMS serves as a non-invasive and fast-acting solution. Insurance frequently covers the cost of this treatment.

In the past few years, more and more medical professionals and government institutions have advocated for acupuncture – another treatment provided by the Yang Institute. As recently as last September, the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) asked Medicare to cover acupuncture. In May of this year, the FDA recommended that doctors learn more about its benefits. Studies show that acupuncture alleviates chronic pain, anxiety, and symptoms from a wide variety of other health conditions.

As Dr. Jingduan Yang, founder of the Yang Institute, writes in his book, Facing East, “…our reaction to certain medications can be more serious than the conditions the medications were developed to address.” Because of this fact, Dr. Yang has dedicated his career to researching and providing therapies and treatments that curb his patients' reliance on potentially harmful medications and medical procedures.

The Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine urges those interested in these innovative therapies to learn more on their website, To book an appointment, contact them today.

About Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine
The Yang Institute of Integrative Medicine combines the best methods of Western and Eastern medicine to help their patients achieve health and wellness. The center operates with a highly-skilled group of holistic integrative medicine experts, including board-certified psychologists, psychiatrists, nutrition specialists, meditation specialists, counselors and licensed acupuncturists. Every treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine an approach that will help find and assess the root of health problems in order to improve one's quality of life.

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