Workit Health and Brighton Center for Recovery Partnership Will Provide Patients With Complete Continuum of Addiction Care


Ann Arbor, MI November 30, 2017 – Workit Health and Ascension’s Brighton Center for Recovery announced an innovative clinical pilot partnership to provide patients with a seamless addiction care experience. The two industry-leading organizations are teaming up to provide a full spectrum of addiction care, including prevention, inpatient and outpatient treatment, aftercare, and recovery. This will be the first time that an online addiction program is partnering with an inpatient rehabilitation network to further the addiction treatment continuum of care in Michigan.

With the opioid epidemic now declared a national emergency by the President, and more opioid prescriptions than people in Michigan, personalized addiction treatment is needed more than ever. Brighton Center For Recovery has helped thousands of individuals recover from substance use disorders, with an intensive case management program as well as 24-hour nursing staff coverage and a holistic approach to treatment. Workit Health has pioneered the world’s first online addiction care program with a “patients as designers” approach, providing a compassionate and customized experience to users through evidence-based curriculum, coach support, and 24/7 program access.

“Addiction is a brain disease that needs specialized treatment and continual care, both online and offline,” said Robin McIntosh, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Workit Health. “Together, Workit Health and Brighton Center for Recovery will provide patients with the help and support they need to be successful in their recovery.”

“By integrating Workit Health’s online program with Brighton Center for Recovery’s inpatient rehabilitation programs, we will create a seamless experience of support along the care continuum like never before,” adds Lisa McLaughlin, Co-founder and Co-CEO of Workit Health. “Traditionally, patients are handed off from one care provider to another in between phases of treatment. Workit Health and Brighton Center for Recovery aim to be the continual sources of support, underscoring all of it through technology and precision medicine.”

“As the disease of addiction has increased, the need for new partnerships and new tools is evident” said Raymond Waller, director of Brighton Center for Recovery. “Our growing relationship with Workit Health aligns with these needs, and strengthens our ability to provide people with recovery supports where they live.”

Through this partnership, individuals who are in both Workit Health’s and Brighton Center for Recovery’s programs can now:
– Receive escalation of care seamlessly through Workit Health’s platform to Brighton Center For Recovery for inpatient care;
– Access Workit Health’s program 24/7 through any computer, phone, or tablet to chat with their recovery coach and do program exercises;
– Get ongoing personalized addiction care before, during, and after Brighton Center for Recovery’s residential treatment programs

Workit Health will be connecting all users who may need escalation of care to Brighton Center for Recovery’s inpatient treatment programs, and will continue to provide 24/7 program access and coach support throughout treatment, as well as aftercare and recovery support. Brighton Center for Recovery will receive access to Workit Health’s online addiction care program as a new recovery resource for patients entering aftercare.

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