2 The Top Marketing, Inc has Rebranded Itself as Crevand


Boise City, Idaho – 03-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — With a growing digital marketplace and with quickly changing client needs, 2 The Top Marketing, Inc has rebranded itself as Crevand. This rebranding will allow the corporation to better offer services and expand upon its ability to target additional markets without trademark interference. “As the business has grown substantially over the past ten years it is now more important than ever to establish ourselves as a robust service provider”, states Dan O’Donnell, President of Crevand. Digital marketing is growing quickly with technology advancements and Google continues to make substantial updates to web page quality factors. In order to take advantage of proprietary data and research, rebranding was a necessary next step for the SEO agency. Crevand has established themselves as an industry SEO leader providing clients with solutions based on data and testing. In an industry where unscrupulous agencies use unproven SEO methods, Crevand crunches data and tests each action prior to implementing a strategy. “Our data extends far beyond simple Google analytics numbers, is proven to have results and is the key factor that separates us in the SEO marketplace”, says Dan. “Beating a search algorithm can only be done with high level algorithms and math is the staple of our organization. While other agencies simply use gut feelings, read Blogs or guess at how to rank web sites we use math to highly correlate each action with specific ranking results.” Crevand currently has offices in Boise, Idaho and New Hampshire but works extensively with large national organizations across the USA. “As a data driven agency we are growing quickly and our results show how we can beat web sites using research and extensive testing to dominate SEO agencies that have minimal data,” mentions Dan. Check out why Crevand is a top USA SEO Agency and give them a call to see how they can increase web site conversions for your business.

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Company Name: Crevand SEO
Full Name: Dan O’Donnell
Phone: (208) 488-3125
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://www.crevand.com

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