2017 Shanghai Tourism Festival Floats Parade Brings Excitement to the City


Along the 2.2-kilometer parade route, 25 floats in a wide range of unusual and interesting shapes drifted by at a leisurely pace. The huge tire at the front from Shanghai Phoenix Import & Export was one of the most eye-catching, standing in for the company’s ongoing commitment to the pursuit of excellence. The State Forestry Administration’s float highlighted environmentally responsible tourism. The panda-shaped float, expressing the innocence that the popular and distinctive animal is known for, was shaking its head, as if engaged in meaningful conversation with parade watchers. The bird-shaped float from the Chongming Island waved its wings, as an invitation to visit the nearby island and take in the wonderful nature experience available in such close proximity to the busy city.

Among the 33 performance troupes that joined the parade, the troupe from Finland staged a fast-paced and rhythmic Samba dance, while the youthful cheering squad from Baylor University in Waco, Texas remained exuberant. The delegation from Egypt’s Higher Institute of Folk Arts, attending the festival for the first time, performed a dance routine. The Mexico National Folk Dance Troupe from the country’s Monterrey region passionately belted out ebullient songs while adorned in colorful native costumes. The troupes from several other countries demonstrated their unique talents and skills, expressing their passion and friendship from five continents to the denizens of Shanghai.

Promoting Chinese traditional culture during the Shanghai Tourism Festival

The festival has become a major driver behind the growing movement among China’s popular travel destinations to work together in expanding the tourism sector and popularizing leisure travel and raising the awareness of tourism brands across China. The parade brought together performance troupes from all over the country. The Luoyang National Flower Peony Art Troupe recounted the long history of Luoyang as the eastern starting point of the Silk Road while showcasing its new and dynamic side. The Ansai Waist Drum Troupe presented a folk form of art, a set of routines that is regularly performed in plazas and public spaces across northern Shaanxi province. The drum performance embodied the simplicity, authenticity and optimism of the inhabitants China’s Loess Plateau as well as the delight expressed by all in northern Shaanxi when they are blessed with a good harvest. In 2006, the drum used in the performance, the luochuan biegu, literally ‘alligator drum’, was one of the first artifacts approved by the State Council of China as a piece of national intangible cultural heritage. Accompanied by the well-known traditional Chinese folk song “Sun Is Out”, the delegation from the Northeast Chongqing Tourism Cooperation Zone invited parade watchers to enjoy China’s beautiful landscape in the magnificent Three Gorges region.  

Promoting Shanghai’s urban tourism sector with the Official Shanghai Tourism Festival Song

The festival’s official song, performed by Vocal Force, conveyed Shanghai’s pursuit for inclusiveness and excellence, and enhanced Shanghai’s reputation as an open, inclusive and innovative urban tourism destination. 

From September 9 to October 6, several neighborhoods and known points of interest across Shanghai will be immersed in the celebration of Shanghai Tourism Festival. The floats that paraded through Huaihai Road on Sept. 10 will move on to various communities across Shanghai, giving the public an opportunity to experience what could truly be called a community parade.

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SOURCE Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration

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