67 CBD Products Tested: Accuracy, Amazon, and Sephora


United States, California, Santa Cruz – 09-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — CBD Examine purchased 67 popular CBD products and sent them to an independent, ISO 17025 certified laboratory to test for cannabinoid levels. We published those findings, along with accuracy and value scores and company profiles, on CBDexamine.com.


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Key Findings


Of the 67 products we tested, 31 received an A score for accuracy, having cannabinoid levels within 10% of their product claims. Ten products we tested got D’s and F’s for having cannabinoid levels that were more than 30% off from what their labels’ claimed.

THC found in “THC-free” CBD

We found five “THC-free” CBD products that tested positive for THC, including Elixinol, Sol CBD, Joy Organics, Mission Farms, and Lord Jones.

Sephora’s CBD was 70.3% short

Sephora’s first CBD line, Lord Jones, claims 1000 mg of CBD. Our lab tests found less than 300 mg of CBD. Lord Jones has a “Clean at Sephora” stamp of approval. Sephora also claims it has “zero THC.” However, it was THC positive.

Amazon, CBD, and THC

We tested eight CBD products sold on Amazon.com. All eight contained CBD and six also contained THC. One of Amazon’s most popular CBD products, R+R Medicinals, contained a whopping 63 mg of THC. Amazon claims to prohibit CBD and THC products. However, a search for “CBD” on Amazon displays over 10,000 products. They even have a page for their top “CBD Oils.”

Don’t trust the COA

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a third-party test that “proves” a CBD product contains the amount of cannabinoids claimed on its label. Our testing found COAs provided by manufacturers completely unreliable. We found that the majority of mislabeled products (inaccurate by 30%+) came with a COA from the manufacturer. For example, our lab results found 69.13% fewer mg of CBD than the COA provided by Hemp Bombs. Joy Organics came with a COA that claimed zero THC, while our testing found THC in their product.

A link found in popular CBD brands for epilepsy

Charlotte’s Web, Palmetto Harmony, and Haleigh’s Hope are popular CBD brands for treating epilepsy. All three brands contained substantial amounts of the cannabinoids CBC and CBG, which research shows may be partially responsible for reducing seizures.

CBD Examine Authenticity Award 2019

Seven of the 67 products tested met the criteria for the CBD Examine Authenticity Award. The following businesses were given awards based on accuracy, transparency, and honest business practices.

  1. Bluebird Botanicals
  2. Barlean’s
  3. Gaia Herbs
  4. Medterra
  5. RE Botanicals
  6. NuLeaf
  7. Palmetto Harmony

About CBD Examine

CBDexamine.com is a consumer advocacy group that shows consumers what’s inside their CBD products. All 67 product reviews are available for free at CBDexamine.com. Products tested included some of the most popular brands according to Google ranking, market research reports, CBD review websites, or top-rated brands sold on Amazon.com. We have no affiliation with any of the CBD companies reviewed. 

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