Add Text and Stamps markup to your saved Gallery Images with 4 entrancing stamps


December 30, 2017 – New Jersey, USA – Ebizzinfotech develop and release one of the most Trending photography application for iOS users named “Add Text & Timestamp to Photos”.

We likely to capture photos at almost every cherishing moments in our life creating a huge collection of photos existing in our phone gallery. Going through our gallery pictures in our smartphone album, many times we wish to know when this particular image was shot along with its original date and time. But scratching head won't give you the solution to recall them every now and then.

Nowadays, the number of pictures clicked in every minute is same as a number of images captured by mankind in 1800. Because of generation and technology gap between two centuries, today we shoot thousand times more photos within a minute as compared to 1800s. After capturing picture, we can't recall them in future with its original date, time and location and we need a solution of this headache.

Now we can say that we have the best solution of this and that is “Add text & Timestamp to Photo” application. This app is designed and developed specially to memorize your past and current cherish memories forever.

Here some situation in our day-to-day life where we face this problem and this app work perfectly in that situation as a solution.
• Faded memories when glancing them!
• The Precise location of an image cannot be concluded.
• Fear of image duplication while publishing online.
• Sorting digital photo album is a laborious job without timestamp.

The Application comes with 4 useful custom stamps which include Date and Timestamp, Signature text, Geotag location Stamp and Watermark logo. Let's have a look at the functionalities of these stamps.

Date and Timestamp
It is the widely used and much wanted stamp for users and for the same often times it is termed as a Universal stamp. Date and timestamp allow to add current or custom date and time to photos, making it easy to recall a memory with just a glance.

Signature Text Stamp
Many times we need a layer of protection while sharing our pictures on the vast sea of internet. Signature text stamp gets the work done by adding custom signature text, copyright, and trademark stamp, securing all your work online without any extra effort.

Geotag Location Stamp
With the help of this feature, you can add any custom location on the photographs at stork of a glance, making it a very handy feature if you’re outing at a historical place or at an exotic vacation and want a location tag of that particular place on the photo.

Watermark Logo
From brand awareness purpose to protecting all your personal as well as professional photographs, watermark logo gets all your work done with just a taps. Add your custom logo or any brand logo before uploading it on the vast sea of the internet to maintain authorship towards your photographs.

Add text & Timestamp to photos is the Only Application that provides Gallery Photo Stamping. Serves 4 fascinating stamps to embrace your saved images. 3 Timestamp options to choose from i.e. Custom/Current/Original. Preview all stamps your photos before stamping with Live Preview functionality. 50+ Font formats to make your images look enticing. 8-Way Adjustable stamp position. Manual ON/OFF Functionality.

About Company
Ebizzinfotech is the software company that developed Add text & Timestamp to photos application. This company also develops some other popular application like janva Jevu, Auto Stamper: Timestamp Camera, musical drum loops, and my swara. Ebizzinfotech is one of the leading IT Company established in Closter of New Jersey state in the USA. You can check out this application on iOS App Store.
-By Ebizzinfotech


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