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India, Delhi, New Delhi – 11-12-2019 ( — Smartphone cases are an absolute essential. Most are mass-produced and don’t have that uniqueness or quality, but at Blackbora, the cases and accessories are one of a kind.     

 No matter how many people you ask, their personal experience has shown them that no matter how careful they’ll be, something would eventually happen to their phone. So, the best thing that one could do is get a really good case for it. That is what you will find on the, a place where you can shop cases for your mobile online. Blackbora has, since 2016, been specializing in decorative, pre-made polycarbonate cases that have those imaginative and artistic designs that you won’t find easily, and have been selling them online. The CEO and Co-Founder mentioned how selling Phone Cases wasn’t the original idea: ‘At Blackbora, we started selling cases as an ‘A La Carte’ to our T-shirt business. Soon we realized how our phone covers were getting more traction than our T-Shirts, and decided to pivot to the Phone Covers vertical.’ Since then, the company has expanded into other apparels, desk accessories, mugs, pop-holders, and bags as well. ‘I thought what could really set us apart and came up with this idea of phone cases that involved interesting patterns – in fact, this is why Blackbora has a page where you can sell your artwork.’ In this sense, the designs you see are really unique and have been made by independent artists. Blackbora took things one step further by making the cases fun and unique for each buyer. You can choose from various designs, patterns, colors and clever quotes that fit their phones and personalities like this collection of Oneplus 7 back covers. On their site, there are many collections based on certain themes that you can choose from and these collections entail apparel and desk items with the same patterns.  Shattered screens are a common problem, but we know how vulnerable they can be and apply tempered screen protectors as soon as possible. But what can we do about the rest of the device? ‘For that, you need Polycarbonate cases. Sure, this might just mean a very base-line guard level, but it is shock-absorbent. Why not just use silicon ones? Well, silicon covers are not hard enough to absorb shocks. Polycarbonate on the other hand, will mostly absorb or break, but will keep the device safe. Especially, if you own an iPhone 11, investing in a Back Cover for iPhone 11, for example is only 0.6% of your initial investment. Any sane person should do it’ All cases sold by Blackbora, are manufactured by vetted vendors using a customized compound of polycarbonate, which makes their cases slimmer giving it that snug fit that isn’t too clumsy or bulky. On the inside of each case is a microfiber lining that acts as a cushion to prevent those tiny scratches. The cases feel smooth to the touch and will not interrupt wireless charging. The founder has a lot more in store for the patrons of Blackbora. ‘I want to add more products to the store, so buyers can have even more to choose from, even include some more devices as well, like laptop covers and skins, headphones, Bluetooth speakers and the like. The fun part is that all this will be bundled into themes, just like what we have now for cases and shirts.’  He also pointed out how Blackbora will gradually launch new designs, even collaborate with artists from Rural India in some time to give them access to the huge number of loyal Blackbora customers.

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