Alfa: Blockchain-Based Social Network Aims To Connect People Around A Market Calendar – Launches On IndieGoGo


United States, Washington, Seattle – 08-12-2019 — Alfa Founder Tony Tran today released more details about the new, decentralized, fluid motion, calendar-based social network – powered by the blockchain. The network, still in an early stage of development, promises to be a robust center for individuals to consolidate their entire digital life without giving up their most valuable asset: their data privacy.

 Unlike current social media networks, Alfa focuses on connecting people to hyper-local content on a calendar. This experience is designed to reduce complexity while maximizing portability and providing absolute security to its users. Thanks to its use of the blockchain. The blockchain software creates a stronghold for people’s personal data while the user interface frees them from the manipulative practices of many of today’s leading social media networks. Users are incentivized to create, share, and consume content on the network with its platform cryptocurrency, Enzo (NZO), which represents a unit of exchange for their time spent on the network. Enzos are mined from the network, generating Enzo from activities as diverse as watching videos to looking at ads; Ads also burn Enzos, creating a gating mechanism creates a dynamic self-sustaining and autonomous economy within Alfa. The project, still in its earliest stages and seeking funding through an IndieGoGo which launched on August 8, will take consumers beyond the current paradigm of social and mobile activity into a world of ‘pervasive computing’ where their data and identity security is paramount. The project arrives at a time when the cryptocurrency conversation has shifted to fears over privacy and the overreach of big tech.
“This is a new paradigm introducing a user interface which operates using free-flowing data instead of a collection of applications like all the other operating systems out there. In the next five to ten years, every business will be a data business and every person a data merchant – but why wait? We can make it happen now.” said Tran, explaining the vision behind Alfa. “Technology has marginalized our time and fragmented our experience for one express purpose: capitalizing on the data we produce. Let’s reverse that. It really is better for both sides.” Data is rapidly becoming the most valuable asset in the world, with every business and individual dealing in data. However, today, global corporations are chipping away at people’s private data rights for their own profits. Hedge funds are using algorithms costing up to $1m to analyze social media post to detect market trends, the importance of giving people the power to protect their data is growing. Big tech is also making moves toward data as a new source of profits as advances in mobile technology have slowed to a crawl, with most annual updates yielding marginal camera improvements and extra memory which are not attracting consumers as much. Apple has led the charge with its Apple Card, which features a smorgasbord of data features that promise to assist consumers in regulating their spending – while giving the corporation vast amounts of invaluable data on individual spending habits. While the usual suspects of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are storming ahead – causing some to wonder if Minority Report might become a reality – even nation-states are getting in on the lucrative data game. In China, government officials are already pushing hard to introduce a centrally controlled cryptocurrency – a cause for alarm in a country which has already introduced a social credit system which could gain overt control over people’s lives. Alfa bridges the gap between consumer and corporation, giving people exclusive rights over their data – while introducing revolutionary new technology that challenges the current status quo by charting new hardware, a new social media, and a new currency. The highly anticipated Alfa smartwatch marks a watershed moment, as it promises to be the first-ever smartwatch with an operating system built on the Enzo blockchain. The smartwatch is one of the company’s IndieGoGo stretch goals, helping to bring about a pervasive computing world where tech works for individuals, not giant corporations or nation-states. The concept of pervasive computing emerged from Tran’s vision of a world where screen-agnostic software can run on any screen or flat surface, enabling people to manage their digital life from any place. Combined with Alfa’s smartwatch, individuals can do anything whether building a business, purchasing or selling a product, or simply just chatting with friends by phone and instant message. “What we have is an intuitive way for anyone to put their data to work for them, and this opens opportunities for everyone by significant orders of magnitude,” added Tran. “We built the software first, and now we’re working on the hardware.” Starting out as an app on iOS and Android, the platform is expected to launch in 2020; those who participate in the IndieGoGo will receive cryptocurrency in the platforms built-in wallet at launch, as well as other perks. Those interested in supporting and funding the Alfa project can do so by visiting the IndieGoGo page here. To find out more about Alfa, visit For all general and media inquiries about Alfa, Inc., please contact Tony Tran by telephone at +1 917 716 1112 or email [email protected]About Alfa Enzo Inc.Alfa is a decentralized social network designed from the ground up that runs on the Enzo blockchain and aims to become a hub for digital activities and a new global network with infinite possibilities on the go. With a focus on data privacy and creating a holistic system where people can connect, the company’s mission is to transform the global economy and create a system where the blockchain works for people – and not for multi-billion-dollar multinational companies. For more information about Alfa Enzo, Inc., please visit the company’s website.

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