An App to Connect the Whole World with Laughter


WORLDWIDE – 11-07-2018 ( — Semoji is an app that burns a lot of your calories with laughter!

The app allows users to use their own creative energy to make incredible and unique selfies called Semojis.

Under the motto “Send a smile into the world and the world smiles back”users can create their own Semojis or choose from over 400 pre-designed ones. 

The most brilliant idea of the app is that Semoji Club users can not only combine traditional emojis, but also pictures from their smartphone galleries and selfies and add their voice messages, vocals or other funny sounds and audio effects and even assemble their own Semojis. To do this, they select a background image(a traditional emoji, a picture from their smartphone gallery, or a selfie), add eyes, nose, headgear, ears, jewelry, effects and a mouth (selectable in cartoon or realistic style) and animate this Semoji by adding their own voice or other audio recordings.

But that’s not all!

After creating a Semoji, the user can choose whether to send the Semoji to friends via Messenger or a social platform, or share the Semojis on the global assessment page ( and make the whole world laugh.

On the assessment page, users of the Semoji app can view, rate and download Semojis of other users from over 200 countries. Once a Semoji reaches first place in its country of origin, it joins all the Semojis of all countries to participate in the world championship on the global homepage. All the Semojis then compete against each other for the global first place.

New objects and functions are constantly being added to make the app interesting for influencers and companies in the future as well.

In the future, the users who installed the app will have the option to contribute to the content and functions of the app and will be rewarded for it.


It is rumoured that the app is already being used by celebrities as a pre-release version and that their Semojis might appear soon in Semoji Club.

Also, whoever supports the app does something good for humankind at the same time. For example, an aid project for animals and children in need is to be launched in May 2019, and it will be financed with 3% of the revenue from the app.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices and completely free of ads except for the global evaluation page, which is also available as a mobile version.

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