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SHANGHAI – 11-07-2018 ( — Lorenzo Riccardi is traveling to every economy of the world in a Grand Tour covering 200 countries and territories. Along his journey he is collecting data and business trends on a dedicated website under the patronage of investment agencies and governmental organizations.

Lorenzo is based in China, the leader of the emerging markets and decided to follow the new path of Chinese investments from the Great Wall to the entire world. A business journey along the Belt Road Initiative and the globe to perceive the new trends of Washington and Beijing influencing the economical world.The travel project focuses on the concept of G200, an association dedicated to an ideal comprehensive group that includes all the countries and economies. Globalization has developed interactions between countries in terms of trade, finance, investments, diplomacy and culture; G200 is a project to promote the future change from G20 to global economy with investments to every developed, emerging and frontier country.Lorenzo Riccardi has been always fascinated by geography and he has combined his passion for traveling new frontiers with the interest for emerging markets. He has previously travelled the entire Eurasian region overland in a journey from China to Europe and has combined multiple trips in every continent of the world. He decided to travel to every economy of the globe, exploring economical trends and new opportunities offered by globalization in any region.According to Lorenzo “the world economy has changed significantly during recent years. Yesterday the center of the world was New York, today is Shanghai and tomorrow will be everywhere: in Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia”. The journey is relaunching the concept of the historical Grand Tour, with a modern and economic perspective, visiting every economy. Along countries like Angola and Ethiopia where China is investing, South pacific islands, where US is still predominant, East and West Europe divided between the influence of the top two powers, the Americas changing the roles of their economies and Asia, the fastest economic region with 60% of world population.Sponsor of the grand tour is RsA Asia ( a consulting company assisting investments of foreign groups in China and with China to abroad.

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