DENVER, CO – 10-03-2018 ( — Roderick Lyle says “massive correction” will begin when Trump leaves office  

A Denver author believes the legacy of President Donald J. Trump will be eclipsed by a massive political correction after the current president is impeached. 

In “President Donald J. Trump: Erased From History,” Colorado author Roderick Lyle details the “damaging, reckless, hateful, stupid” actions that the Trump administration has taken since inauguration. With chapters like “Abuse of Presidential Power,” “America’s Russia Problem,” and “Hatred, Racism and Chauvinism,” Lyle gives a blow by blow account of his grievances with the Trump Presidency.

“With President Trump, the limitations set in place to protect the healthy function of government have eroded,” Lyle declares. “His abuses are a threat to the U.S. democratic process.”

In “Erased From History,” Lyle argues that those abuses will ultimately cause the people of the United States of America to impeach Trump and vote in a candidate who will undo the policies that Trump has enacted since taking office.

“Trump may have temporarily handicapped the U.S., but our country will emerge stronger than ever,” writes Lyle.  “The Trump presidency will amount to nothing more than a bump or temporary sinkhole on America’s road of progress.”

“President Donald J. Trump: Erased From History” is available for download on Amazon. Contact Roderick Lyle at [email protected] or on Facebook.

About the Author:

Roderick Lyle is a writer and software developer from Denver, Colorado. When not writing or working, the 47-year old author enjoys spending his free time writing and producing music, playing classical guitar, and spending time with his two German Shepherds, Misty and Katie. When asked about his writing, Lyle responds ‘this promises to be a fun endeavor.”


Contact: Roderick Lyle

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Date: October 3, 2018 


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