“Best City” Bragging Rights Up for Grabs in City Million Challenge that Promises a Surprise Conclusion


United States, New York, Syracuse – 05-31-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Some of the world’s most loved cities will soon be seeing the love on social media and on the streets as the City Million Challenge gets underway. The competition encourages people to choose which of these five cities is their favorite: New York, Paris, Rome, London or Rio de Janeiro. The premise is simple: 

  • – Show love for a favorite of the five “competing” cities.
  • – Buy a Challenge t-shirt for that specific city.
  • – Post pictures and videos on the Challenge’s Facebook and Instagram sites to inspire others to choose a certain city.
  • – See regular updates on standings from the organizers on its social sites.
  • – The first city t-shirt that sells one million gets Best City 2019 bragging rights – and a surprise.

Each city t-shirt features an iconic logo for the location and is available in five bright colors. The five cities were selected because they are some of the places that most people either aspire to visit or have visited and where millions of people live or have lived. Organizers say that there is a great deal of negativity in the world today so they wanted to bring people together in a fun and positive way.Most of the activity will center around the Challenge’s Facebook page where followers can share stories of what makes their city special and post photos and videos of them in their favorite cities at their favorite place. The competition’s Instagram page plays a supporting role in illustrating the unique beauty of each place.

The organizers have a top-secret wrap-up message planned for release at the conclusion of the event that they are keeping close to the vest but promise will be worth the wait.T-shirts are available via the following city-specific links:

To find out more about the City Million Challenge, go to @CityMillionChallenge on Facebook or Instagram. Or visit the City Million Challenge store

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