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China, Xianggang, Guiqing – 05-02-2020 ( — 1-The development malpractice in the internet era

Nowadays, the Internet has a tight connection with us. Every industry cannot develop without internet, The Internet has transitioned humanity to a whole new level and is indispensable to the entire human world.In recent years, because of the rapid development of internet and the popularization and application of high and new technologies, it leads the data of every industry and business has an explosive growth. For the whole world, this is an expanding treasure trove of wealth and countless people want to participate in obtaining treasure. While the volume of these data has skyrocketed, the value of its data has become increasingly prominent, and data sovereignty has also become a topic.Human beings are being baptized in the era of big data. Users hand over their personal data to internet giants in exchange for services, which leads to forming a winner-take-all oligopoly ecological pattern. The birth of data oligarchs has led to huge data security issues, like too many cases of personal privacy leaks, the gradual loss of data assets, serious data islands, low availability of data value, low security and defense capabilities, etc.In addition, data is the most important production resource in the future. It not only has a huge size, but also will continue to change by following people’s changing behavior. It will become the key to measuring and understanding the business and society in this era. And, it will be the standard needs for all industries. In this sentence “To exchange the data”, it contains a huge production efficiency improvement space and commercial value.How to make sure the data confirmation belongs to its owner and the value and safety of the data, have become problems that need to be solved urgently.2-The combination of blockchain and big dataFaced with all kinds of problems, many people cannot help but ask: Is there a technology that can help us maintain data privacy? The answer is: yes, it is the blockchain!Blockchain is based on cryptography technology and is a data structure that organizes and maintains a large amount of data in a decentralized manner. All the data on the blockchain is attached with the digital signature of the relevant person, which cannot be forged. In addition, the blockchain also has many advantages, such as completely openness, high reliability, instant delivery, without relying on trust and others, which helps to achieve globally data sharing and traceabilityBlockchain technology is one of the most important basic technologies in the future world. It builds a trusted value Internet that allows all participants can involve the maintenance together. As a trust network for transmitting value, it can allow data, the most important production resource, to interact safely and confidentially in the circulation.Compared with the traditional centralized big data storage method, blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, transparency, feasibility, etc. Data sovereignty will be truly confirmed on the blockchain. Due to its huge breakthroughs in data storage and information transmission, blockchain is likely to fundamentally change the existing economic and financial operation mode, and may even cause a new globally technological innovation and industrial change.3-BigBang Core is committed to“co-building?sharing?interconnect?inter-working”BigBang Core aims to create a decentralized data confirmation and circulation platform. The safe storage, encrypted transmission and copyright attribution of participant data are very important.To solve the problems of safe storage, transmission, and copyright of data, BigBang Core separates the data layer for off-chain storage, only records the summary information of data on the chain, which greatly reduces the storage pressure of the blockchain. According to different scenarios, it considers comprehensively various field names that can be used in the application services, and abstracts a unified external interface. It will flexibly support to docking of decentralized IPFS, storj file system, centralized cloud database, and other solutions, also provides more diverse options for users.At the same time, BigBang Core also provides a storage system to adaptation SDK, which has encapsulated functions such as public and private key pair generation, address generation, signature, verification, encryption, decryption, etc., And, it also shields the more complex signature generation rules, encoding conversion problems, and a variety underlying Error code processing logic.Based on various goals, BigBang Core will eventually provide a set of five main module solutions to improve the future application data circulation and service system:1. A data circulation system based on multi-party secure computing and smart contracts to help users effectively exchange and circulate data and digital assets.2. A high-speed decentralized data storage and transmission system based on blockchain and homomorphic encryption technology to help developers, service providers, keep the safety of users’ store data and ensure the rights and interests of all participants.3. Issue BBC COIN, as a quantitative proof of ownership and circulation medium for digital assets.4. An account system, which establishes a common account for all participants in the system to eliminate the value boundary among application scenarios.5. A credit system, which uses smart contracts to stipulate the credit impact of different community behaviors, maintains the value system of the community in a decentralized way of blockchain, rewards high-quality participants, punishes or expels poor-quality participantsIn the digital times, strengthening the protection and management of private data is becoming a worldwide trend. The positioning of BigBang Core is to establish a trustworthy all-domain data security network based on blockchain, so that data in various fields can be very freely, mutually trusted, extremely efficiently shared and exchanged. Then, the data is gradually away from monopoly and the information is no longer isolated, which allows data to provide higher value for business and our lives.

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