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LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-31-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Press Release Jet has expanded its means of payments for their services by accepting payments in Bitcoins, a digital currency that operates on the Blockchain model. The company doesn’t see anything wrong in doing this, but instead encourages agencies like it to begin accepting Bitcoin payments for its several benefits.

One of the benefits they have considered is its efficiency. The quick turnaround time for transactions is a major benefit for business owners as it helps to increase their sales. The time for verifying transactions can be converted to securing more deals to increase profits for the company.

Furthermore, Blockchain transactions are transparent. That is why they are usually verified quickly. You can also see details of the transactions you undertake anytime you want it.

People from any part of the world can use the Blockchain service. That is to say that press release distribution offered by Press Release Jet is now available to all and sundry. No more excuses on payment system limitations since you can easily download a Blockchain wallet to pay for their services.

With the acceptance of Blockchain payments, the client can save cost. Unlike payment processors such as PayPal and Shopify which charge 2.9% to 4.4% per transaction, Blockchain payments are not as expensive as that. When using PayPal and some other online options, you have to pay higher depending on the country you are paying from. This has never happened in Blockchain payments.

The ease of converting Bitcoins (one of Blockchain’s applications) to other currencies makes using it more convenient. That means you are at an advantage when you have a Bitcoin account since you can spend both in digital currency and in fiat currency.

Companies can also start accepting Blockchain payment just like Press Release Jet has started doing. Press Release Jet can help you get started with that as soon as you call. If you would like to start that today, you have the choice to contact now.

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