BON2 sets to disrupt television while launching the first shoppable and discoverable OTT streaming service.


MIAMI, FLORIDA – 04-11-2019 ( — BON2 Media Services announced today its revolutionary streaming technology that makes all videos interactive, shoppable and discoverable will officially debut on Android, AndroidTV, iOS and Apple TV devices in May as BON2tv.

BON2tv gives audiences the power to shop a product while watching any video, and buy it instantly from affiliate e-commerce merchants that sell the particular item.  The app also will have a catalog of people, places and other things to drive interactive experiences on any given shot.  Play.  Pause.  Discover.  Shop.  A simple mantra that holds true for BON2tv’s contributing content partners.  BON2 Media Services CEO Ntana Bantu Key states: “We’re giving creative and interactive control back to filmmakers.  Our technology will empower creators to allow their audience to shop instantly but to also give their viewers the ability to discover more about those stories.  Imagine being able to pause your favorite television show and getting insightful detail about the actor in addition to the character being played on screen.  What kingdom is she from?  What’s the name of her dragon?  What’s her social media?  Where can i buy that costume for Halloween?  These questions are typically answered by a separate search with another device.  BON2tv fulfills these scenarios with the touch of your finger or with a remote control.”BON2tv will be a free and ad supported service that will debut with a modest amount of short-form content partners.  The company will build its own infotainment platform while also licensing their technology to media companies who may be looking for more engaging experiences for their own streaming services.  With cord cutting battles in full effect, streaming platforms have flooded smart tv’s and app stores.  Netflix, Hulu, Roku and Directv NOW, Youtube and Amazon have driven the movement.  Apple recently announced their own iteration with Disney to follow later this year.  As these media companies compete for viewers, a need for distinct experiences and alternative revenue streams to go with content may be crucial for survival.  BON2tv aims to set a new standard while its parent company works to service and power the next generation of television.About BON2 Media Services: BON2 is a software and media company located in Miami Florida.  CEO and Founder Ntana B.  Key comes from the entertainment industry with over 100 film credits to his name.  He has been involved with software development, digital workflow, film delivery, marketing and visual effects for award winning films like The Revenant, Children of Men and Guardians of the Galaxy, to name a few.   Mr.  Key has taken his talented team, software knowledge and film techniques to South Beach with a vision to lead the inevitable evolution of viewing experiences and story telling.  BON2 Media Services has developed patent pending technologies while integrating content and e-commerce partnerships dating back to 2017. Learn more at

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