Braveheart Brewing partners with Oregon’s Point Blank Distribution


OXNARD, CA – 01-19-2019 ( — Braveheart Brewing and Point Blank Distribution have inked an agreement that provides Braveheart’s craft brew brands statewide distribution in Oregon via Point Blank’s customer service driven wholesale sales network.

Braveheart produces 4 craft brew styles that represent 4 national veteran-military non-profit organizations under it’s Brews for the Brave line. The company’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for it’s non-profit affiliates 24/7 through the enjoyment of great craft beer by packaging it’s craft beers with the brands and missions of Braveheart’s non-profit organizations.Robert Sofsky, Director of Operations for Braveheart Brewing indicated that they chose Point Blank for their stellar customer service record and Point Blanks complete understanding and support of Braveheart’s mission.  Sofsky added that having distribution in Oregon allow the Company to concentrate on expansion, marketing and promotion of it’s brand a into the California market. “People love supporting our veterans and we’ve found that our message is compelling and creates a significant demand for Braveheart’s products. Something other craft beer company’s have difficulty with. We’ve become the beer that tastes good and does good.”  Adding that most craft beers are built around community support Sofsky noted that the veteran-military community is the largest community in the country and will be the engine that moves the company’s geographic expansion.

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Full Name: Robert Sofsky
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