Calibrater Health Launches Smart Surveys Messaging Platform, Improving Data Collection and Doubling Online Reviews


NEW YORK, NY – 01-29-2019 ( — Calibrater Health, a leading provider of text-based surveys and patient experience management software, announces new Smart Surveys technology offering. The technology was developed jointly with Piedmont Urgent Care by WellStreet, a long-time Calibrater Health customer and leading provider of urgent care services in the Atlanta metro area.

“We overhauled our entire messaging infrastructure to make it much more flexible, and powerful,” says co-founder and CEO Tim Dybvig. “With these changes our customers can get deeper insight into patient experience and any other operational questions they have, and use it to improve their online presence. We’re very excited to see the different ways our customers leverage this powerful technology.”

In one pilot with Piedmont Urgent Care, patients fitting certain criteria were asked an additional question regarding their experience and the response was overwhelmingly positive. “More than 70% of patients who received the additional question responded to it, and the additional data we gathered helped inform a crucial new board-level initiative,” said Britni Combs, Director of Marketing and Business Development for WellStreet Urgent Care, operators of the Piedmont Urgent Care centers. “Calibrater Health was very responsive when we came to them with this product request, and they continue to be one of our most important partners.”

A second pilot was conducted at another long-time customer to address a popular request across the entire Calibrater Health customer base: improving online visibility by increasing social media reviews. Calibrater created a custom rule set making it even easier for patients to leave online reviews that resulted in double the number of average monthly reviews at each of the customer’s four locations.

“We were very pleased with the results,” commented Dybvig. “Online visibility is super important for all of our customers, we were excited to find a way to improve that without sacrificing the quality of the other data collection.  We’ve already discussed ways to improve review numbers even more in the future.”

About Calibrater Health

Calibrater Health makes patient experience management software that combines text message surveys with an automated, closed-loop issue tracking and feedback management system. Our algorithms automatically categorize and route patient comments for follow-up and immediate action, we calculate patient experience scores at the provider and site level and our 100% web-based system makes sure that doctors never miss a chance to save an unhappy patient or improve their online visibility.

Calibrater Health was founded in 2014 with the goal of helping healthcare brands operationalize truly patient-centered care, and since then we have grown to serve over 1,000 locations across the US and have sent more than 6 million surveys.  Learn more at

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