Charitable Giving Legacy of Donald & Versie DuPont


Life Well Lived Charity held their Scholarship Award and Inaugural Launch on December 9, 2017 which resulted in three students receiving a Legacy Scholarship in the amount of $500 each, sponsorship for over twenty local students/parents to attend the College and Military Recruitment Exhibit and hot meals being packaged and delivered to local home-bound seniors. Life Well Lived Charity was formed to honor the legacy of charitable giving Donald & Versie DuPont built together for 50 years.

Claxton, GA, December 27, 2017 — It has been said that Family Legacy is not what you leave for your children but what you leave in your children.

On December 9, 2017 the DuPont Legacy was unveiled at the “Dreammakers! Reaching for the Stars” Scholarship Award and Inaugural Launch, hosted by Life Well Lived Charity, Inc.

With over 100 attendees from the low country as well as supporters from North Georgia and several points in between, this was truly a noteworthy event bellowing Education, Entrepreneurship and Community Service in the ears of the youth and members of the community.

Founded in 2017 by the children of Donald and Versie DuPont, Life Well Lived Charity is off to an impressive start bringing forth the Legacy instilled in them by The DuPonts in this monumental community outreach event.

The event was held at the Evans County Community Center in Claxton Georgia, located on the campus of the former Evans County High School (ECHS). Both Mr. & Mrs. DuPont graduated from ECHS and has since joined forces with other Alumni to purchase the school and provide a place for education, recreation and business development for youth and young adults throughout the area to attend. With local recruiters from Savannah State University and the Coast Guard onsite to answer any questions and interest the youth in a college bound future track, the stage was set for the advancement of the next generation of leaders to come.

Thanks to the attending guests, private donors and numerous sponsors, Evans County Community Center, IBM Southeast Employees Credit Union, Caughran Family, DuPont Family, and South Georgia Bank, Life Well Lived Charity was able to award scholarships to Christina Crawford (Savannah State University), Aniyah Martin (Ogeechee Technical College) and Jordan Brewton (Mercer University). Along with the barrage of gifts given out throughout the night in the form of a seemingly never ending free raffles, there was also a silent auction with original art by Sam D. Burston and SDB Art Creations, gift baskets from Claxton Fruit Cake Company, and a boutique handbag donated by Mr. DuPont (honoree). Hot meals were also delivered to home-bound seniors after the event.

Following an uplifting introduction from his son Gabriel, the keynote speaker, Dwayne L. DuPont shared a heartfelt speech that not only introduced Life Well Lived Charity but gave a soul wrenching account of the Legacy that was left within his heart and mind giving us a glimpse of the passion behind the charity’s goals and direction. It is clear that this Legacy will serve as the inexhaustible fuel to support the Life Well Lived Charity for many years to come. Dwayne DuPont culminated his speech with these words: “Life Well Lived Charity is a stairway from your situation to your success. [Donald & Versie DuPont] served as a shining lights and models for the world to see. They left a blueprint; a gift of education, entrepreneurship and community service.”

The focus for 2017 was education. Building on the legacy and blueprint of the DuPonts, Donald DuPont (the son) spoke about moving from a blueprint to an imprint: “When we talk about accomplishments and the path forward… how do we make a sustainable imprint on a community? We have to create a coalition between the schools, Life Well Lived Charity and not just the student, but the entire family…. One event by one event increases the educational footprint and that helps meet that priority.”

Registration is now open to attend the 2nd Annual Community Tribute and Scholarship Award on December 8, 2018. Reservations may be made at

About Life Well Lived Charity
Life Well Lived Charity is a nonprofit that stands on the legacy of Donald and Versie DuPont. The mission of this organization is to support abundant living through charitable giving and education in the areas of K-20 education, entrepreneurship and community service, especially to underserved, distressed or economically disadvantaged individuals, entities or organizations that service these populations.

For more information, visit Email us at [email protected] to inquire about how you can help support our mission and endeavors.

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