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LOS ANGELES, CA – 01-08-2019 ( — There are a lot of companies that are offering press release distribution services at very cheap prices, even at no cost at all. They all claim to have thousands of media journalists/outlets in their network. However, the most important factor for the customer is how many of those journalists are actually picking up the press releases and publishing them. It has become quite difficult to differentiate the scammers from the real companies.

PRWeb offers press release distribution services and is one of the oldest names in the industry that is in the business since 1997. They do not provide any additional services apart from distribution. PRWeb pricing for single distribution varies from $99 to $389, the Premium PRWeb plan being the most expensive plan. They charge a $99 fee for urgent press releases. The drawback is that PRWeb does not reveal any information about their media distribution network, and Google searches using the headlines of their press releases also show less than ten results, which is confusing.

Marketwired is also a highly recognized name in the industry serving customers with their press release distribution services. Their website doesn’t seem to show pricing on their services, although a review was found that contained a price estimation of Marketwired PR(press release) distribution

The review showed that Marketwired charges a minimum of $450/per press release by limiting the word count to 400, however, every exceeding 100 words is subjected to a fee of $150. Adding an additional photo and audio/video links cost $50 and $75, respectively. The company also offer SEO enhancements by charging $75. Compared to PRWeb, pricing for Marketwired seems to be a bit higher along with the fact of not providing clarity about their service.

The cheapest and effective PR distribution service is offered by This company is currently leading the industry and also helping customers with press release writing as well through the PRCopywriter service. They offer single distribution services from $69 to $299 plans, having three different plans to choose from. The most valued Premium Concierge PR distribution plan guarantees distribution to over 400 media outlets, that include top-tier newswires such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg, AP etc. There is no additional cost for adding link or photos, unlimited word count and urgent distributions can be done by contacting their chat support during the business hours. Moreover, their Monthly and Annual Customers enjoy the benefit of saving hundreds of dollar every month.

Comparing the pricing and clarity that is communicated through each of the above-mentioned companies, PRWeb and Marketwire seem to give a vague idea about the result that the customer will get. is the best PR distribution company in 2019 that charges less than all of its competitors in the industry and provides a world-class distribution service.

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