Cheersyou refines GRE education methodology in North America, creating brand-new test preparation experience for studying abroad students


United States – 08-20-2019 ( — In 2019, Cheersyou has made great innovations to reach the next level of international education. Uniting experienced GRE teachers and former ETS staff, Cheersyou aims at providing a brand-new yet efficient GRE learning methodology for hundreds of thousands of test takers, and creating a unique Cheersyou GRE Teaching Methodology for international students studying in North America. 

GRE has always been the first choice among standardized tests and a major barrier for graduate school applications. In the case of the current college application situation, most of the renowned business schools, which only accepts GMAT scores previously, have all begun to accept both GRE for application, let alone other general applications. A series of top-ranking universities in the US, including University of Southern California, New York University, and University of California Los Angeles, stated that they will take superscores in GRE for consideration. The most popular STEM programs also prefer GRE in cohort selection, as GRE is becoming one of the most essential references even for job applications for large companies. However, according to relevant data and students’ feedbacks, international students for overseas undergraduate study, especially Chinese students in the US and Canada, cannot find the most appropriate solution to improve their GRE test-taking performance. The traditional GRE training in China focuses more on domestic test-oriented undergrads with strong memorizing abilities and solid foundations in mathematics, but this kind of teaching method can no longer meet the demands of current undergraduate students studying in North America. The training method of “pure memorizing” and “intensive practicing” strategy can hardly work for those students. As the first education institution in the North American region focusing on innovative technology, Cheersyou has made significant progress in GRE training for Chinese students in the United States and Canada, by analyzing substantial GRE learning approach of those students and adopting advanced information system management and teaching concept innovation. Cheersyou finds out that under the prevalent teaching methods in foreign universities, Chinese students studying in the US and Canada are better in logical thinking capacities but weak in mathematics. It is less useful for those students to spend a lot of time and energy on doing exercise, and in turn to make negative effects on other time-consuming aspects of graduate application. According to the characteristics of target students, Cheersyou has created a series of GRE online training courses that boosts productivity and produces immediate beneficial effect. The courses integrate vocabulary memorizing approaches, logical thinking patterns, scientific and strategic time-planning, and interactive learning experience to help students make greater improvement, truly breaking the bottleneck of standardized tests. In 2020, Cheersyou will also plan to expand its service into GMAT, SAT, and ACT markets to satiate the needs of more overseas students in preparation of standardized tests. Cheersyou will also introduce new educational technologies such as smart language learning, AI classroom monitoring, and advanced evaluation systems into future classroom experience. Cheersyou will redefine online education with cutting-edge technologies and create a new studying-abroad experience for more and more international students in the coming new decade. Learn more about Cheersyou GRE online training courses:

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