China-Hifi-Audio Distributes High Quality Bada High-end CD Player & Valve Preamps Since 2008

China-Hifi-Audio, an established wholesaler and distributor of topnotch hi-fi audio equipment including high-end CD players, hi-fi vacuum tube stereo amplifiers, and valve preamps since 2008 now promotes its wares via its web-based outlet.

Modern-day audiophiles and music aficionados have grown up enjoying their favorite tracks on CD/DVD/MP3 players and hi-fi audio surround sound as well as Dolby systems. Melody enthusiasts born in the eighties and nineties who may not have experienced enjoying music on all-in-one turntables or record players with inbuilt speakers would not think twice before rejecting these old-world audio systems regarding them as inferior to latter-day equipment. It was the baby boomers that made the most of portable/ all-in-one vinyl record players and turntables which are now making a comeback. There’s another category of audio equipment that is coming back into fashion-the valve-powered amplifiers and CD-players. Popularly known as valves in UK and tubes in US, valve driven amplifiers served as robust alternatives to high-tech solid-state technologies but were prohibitive. China-Hifi-Audio has focused on marketing and selling a wide range of hi-fi audio equipment including valve preamps and vacuum tube balance BADA CD player.

China-Hifi-Audio is a leading online outfit that deals in an array of hi-fi audio devices and components including vacuum tube amps, valve preamps, vacuum tube hi-fi stereo amplifiers, and HD/CD players. This web-based outfit stocks hi-fi stereo systems and accessories of almost all well-known Chinese brands including but not limited to ‘Music Angel’, ‘Meixing Mingda’, ‘Yaqin’, ‘Bewitch’, Shanling, Dussun, RFTLYS, ‘Opera’, ‘Original’ ‘LITE’, and ‘JungSon. The web-shop also supplies all necessary accessories for setting up any hi-fi audio system like hi-fi cables, power filter socket, gold-plated vacuum tube socket, and so on. The online enterprise is a certified supplier of Bada CD players like Bada HD-28 CD player, Bada DC-211MK vacuum tube Hybrid integrated hi-fi amplifier, Bada HQ-6600MK hifi Power Filter Plant US Socket Plug clean new, Bada HT-650MKII bookshelf hi-fi speaker pair, Bada LB-5500 Audiophile power filter plant hi-fi socket, Bada LB-5600 power filter plant Schuko socket EUR plug, and much more.

China-Hifi-Audio Distributes High Quality Bada High-end CD Player & Valve Preamps Since 2008

The BADA HD-26 tube CD player retailed by China-Hifi-Audio is an advanced version of the HD-26 as well as CE certified, and is fully companionable for using with a remote control. All customers placing online orders for the aforementioned vacuum tube HDCD player will receive a brand new OEM product that comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Electromagnetic compliance ensures that filtered audio quality is superlative without being too loud. Sound clarity also receives a huge boost, thanks to the embedding of CS 439 decoder chip of Cirrus Logic. Philips servo circuit improves reading capacity of CDs and corrects linear distortion.

The BADA HD-28 CD player is an improvement over the HD-26 vacuum tube CD player as the audio waves emanating from the former is clearer and more balanced. Using the PayPal system guarantees quick and secured payments.

About China-Hifi-Audio

China-Hifi-Audio is an eminent web-oriented dealer of a long line of hi-fi audio systems of reputed Chinese brands and its online outlet is registered in Guangzhou.

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Company Name: China-Hifi-Audio
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