Company Introduces Thermal Bust Lifting Sweat Vest to Optimize Fat Loss


United States – 10-29-2019 ( — Hoco System has introduced a new type of vest that utilizes modern technology to allow one to sweat five times faster hence increasing the rate of thermal fat loss and fat freezing. This is the first product that combines thermal heat loss and fat freezing features to give you the best experience during your regular workout. 

This special vest is made from high quality neoprene and polyester. It is also flexible and allows your body to sweat 5 times more. The material is also quick drying meaning that you can still continue working out without any problem. To optimize your workout, the vest has an under bust hook design that supports and lifts your bust during the exercise. To use the fat freezing components, one will be required to add the frozen packs to the pouches inside the vest. These pouches are strategically placed to freeze fat in problem areas.Speaking during the launch event of the newly designed vest, Mrs. Erica Howze, the company CEO praised the team behind the development of this unique product. She also went ahead to mention some of the unique attributes of the vest that make it appropriate for everyone working out. She said, “Research has proved when white fat gets very cold it can turn into a kind of brown fat, which researchers have dubbed ‘beige’, and beige fat can burn away to generate heat.  When you exercise for 30 minutes in a neoprene vest or belt, it creates roughly the same amount of perspiration as a 5-mile run. Your body doesn’t simply lose fluid whilst sweating; it rids itself of the toxins that prevent your body from losing stubborn fat. Metabolic rates increase 100% for every 50°F rise in temperature. This product is the first of it’s kind that offers the fat freezing method & the thermal fat burning method in one product. “In addition, the thermal bust lifting sweat vest can also offer some of the benefits when you are not working out. The only thing that you need to do is to wear the vest for about 30-60 minutes while going on with your normal activities. You can later remove the best and it is such simple. You will get some of the unique benefits mentioned above. The company has announced that it will focus on developing fitness products to meet the needs of the customers. About Hoco SystemsHoco System is a company that specializes in the manufacture of workout products. Our company is made up of a team of fitness professionals who lead our design teams in the design and production of quality products to meet the fitness training needs. All our products meet the required quality standards. You can reach the company through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.  To know more about our new product, watch this video on our YouTube Channel. 

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