Contribution From Dr. Michael Everest To Make A Difference In The Medical Field


UNITED STATES – 04-23-2020 ( — Dr. Michael Everest contributed $1 million in Edwin Everest Foundation to Make the Difference in the Medical Field. Michael Everest Banquet is not a name that needs no introduction when it comes to the medical field. He is chair of the Edwin Everest Foundation. He is known in the world due to his everlasting support to graduate medical education. He is following the footprint of his father-Edwin Everest. Funding the medical programs and supporting the education of medical students is one of those family traditions that Everest Family never wants to give up in their life.

Edward Everest Foundation is named after the name of Everest’s Father. Edwin Everest had put his strong faith in medical education, and he wanted to empower international medical students because he knew they could change the world with medical revolutions. According to Dr.Michael Everest, he had a conversation about medical field support on the death bed of his father, who died in October 2008. The father of Everest always supported medical students, and he believed that they could shape the future of a country in the most unparalleled way. He thought that if a country wants to become successful, then they should prioritize graduate medical education as this field can deliver visionary leaders and top-performing innovators.Everest is following the footprints of his father, and he is as dedicated toward graduate medical education as his father was. He recently contributed a $1million gift to create the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. The purpose of this fund is to render ongoing support to volunteer postdoctoral trainees. It will help them do all the research that can make a difference in the life of the patient. Also, graduate medical students who are seeking their careers in research and diagnosis can get advanced training- which gets monetary contribution from his fund. This non-profit charity organization is based in Los Angeles. The goal behind its establishment is to furnish subtle advancement opportunities for graduate medical students. This organization has teamed up with tons of residency programs, medical universities, and research programs only to render non-stop support for the growth and development of the medical world. Dr.Uttam Sinha works as a residency program director in Otolaryngology at the Keck School. He was the man whose dedication and passion for the medical field helped Dr. Michael Everest Banquet to take more interest in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Sinha introduced Everest to USC, where at first, he supported Ph.D. students. Later, when he reviewed her incredible work, then it was the point of realization for him. Everest thought that if one person could do such a great job, then tons of doctors would be able to do the medical wonders. That’s when he decided to support research facilities in the Department of Medicine.The 14th Dalai Lama is the recent monk of Gelug School. Everest took inspiration from his words where he said that material things would come and go, but one thing that won’t change is when you touch another’s life. Those golden words inspired him a lot that he made a generous contribution to a fund that helps doctors to kick start thousands of research projects. The successful completion of those projects will save humanity and provide benefits to tons of those who are suffering. Michael Everest believes that his support will make a big difference not only in the life of doctors but also in the lives of patients. Through his continuous support in the medical field, he is determined to make a substantial positive change in the world.

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