Conversion Optimization: Free Service Available to Add “As Seen On” Media Logos to Your Website


LAS VEGAS, NV – 12-31-2017 (Press Release Jet) — The more you expose your business, the easier it is for people to see and patronize you. A very simple and strategic way to increase the number of your viewers is by adding “As Seen On” media logos to your website. The media logo makes it easier for people to believe that you are trustworthy and authoritative in your chosen field. Because of the importance of adding “As Seen On” media logos, the Press Release Jet Team thought it wise to create a free tool for this. With this tool, you can tell your readers other places where your news stories can be read.

The “As seen On” media tool is a social proof tool for people to exploit. The CEO of Press Release Jet has this to say about it: “Social proof is an underutilized tool that many businesses are still not leveraging today. Adding media logos to a website can tremendously increase conversions, instantly. I have seen it with our own very customers and there is even a popular online case study of a company called where their conversions increased 400% simply by adding media logos.”

Press Release Jet is not just doing this for nothing. They are being motivated by the fact that those who have been using this tool have been getting more exposure for their businesses. Right now, the tool can only show “as seen on” for top class news agencies such as NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and CW. Very soon, more top class media sites will be added to the tool.

To start taking advantage of this conversion optimization technique, simply visit the media logo’s page. You can also get other packages by visiting the site’s home page.

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