Coollid Helps You Stop Annoying Hot Coffee Burns and Spills!


Coollid Corporation Launches World’s Only Patented Spill-Proof, Burn-Proof Disposable Coffee Cup Lid

BETHESDA, MD – 09-19-2018 ( — Dateline—Bethesda, Maryland, September 17, 2018

Coollid Corporation, a Maryland-based company, just launched its innovative disposable coffee lid and cups.Invented by Michael Milan, Coollid CEO, the unique design is the first real innovation in the beverage packaging business in decades.The design was completed after years of testing and development and is patented in 38 countries.Mr. Milan said he was inspired to create the Coollid after “burning my mouth with a hot cup of tea” at a popular coffee shop.

The Burn-Proof lids were conceptualized to prevent consumers from burning their mouths while drinking hot beverages from disposable cups.The lid contains a “reservoir” that suspends the hot beverage and lowers the temperature approximately 20 degrees, Fahrenheit.This enables the consumer to enjoy those first sips without the risk of burns.Paired with Coollid’s double-walled, insulated cups, the consumer can hold the drink without needing cup sleeves—improving their drinking experience.

The lid design is also Spill Proof—reducing the risk of spilling hot beverages on the consumers’ hands, clothing and automobiles.According to a recent survey, conducted by the National Coffee Association, approximately 79 percent of coffee drinkers brew coffee at home.Who hasn’t experienced spilling hot coffee when you come to a sudden stop, or try entering or exiting your car?The Coollid Spill-Proof, Burn-Proof lid and cups improves that morning commute.The Coollid cups are available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes, perfect for most coffeemakers.

Coollid Corporation is rolling out product to grocery chains, convenience stores and coffee shops, offering customization and licensing opportunities.Cups and lids are also available in 100% bio-based materials, reducing non-recyclable waste. 

Buyers can purchase Coollid Spill-Proof, Burn-Proof Cups and Lids at

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