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LONDON–()–Global procurement intelligence advisory firm, SpendEdge, has announced the release of their ‘Culture Media Market Procurement Research Report.’ The insights and data in this report provide a strategic analysis of the supply markets, factors influencing purchasing decisions, procurement best practices, pricing models, supplier landscape, and an analysis of the supplier capability matrix for the pharma and healthcare industry. This report breaks down the data and analysis behind the procurement of culture media and acts as an all-inclusive guide for making smart purchasing decisions.

“The global demand for customized and optimized culture media is increasing, owing to the rise in buyers seeking production gains in formulation processes and enhanced capabilities of culture media to meet their specific formulation requirements,” says SpendEdge procurement analyst Bhuvaneshjwari Udayakumar. “Also, the buyers and suppliers are increasingly focusing on emerging economies such as India, China, and Brazil due to the increasing regional demand for biopharmaceuticals along with the rise in population,” added Bhuvaneshwari.

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Procurement analysts at SpendEdge highlight the following top three market trends that are contributing to the growth of the Global Culture Media Market:

  • The emergence of 3D cell culture.
  • Increasing optimization of cell culture media.
  • The emergence of stem cell culture.

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The emergence of 3D cell culture:

3D cell culture methods offer an artificially created environment for biological cells to grow and interact in 3D with their surroundings, this ensures that the biological cells get the same in-vitro environment as that of in-vivo. It is a developing concept with increasing number of the scaffold and scaffold-free techniques being used by biopharmaceutical organizations in the market. The suppliers are continuously investing in the R&D of media to enhance 3D cell culturing techniques. Moreover, 3D cell culture provides more physiologically relevant results as compared with traditional 2D cell culturing methods.

Increasing optimization of cell culture media:

The biopharmaceutical industry is registering productivity gains in development processes owing to the improvements in cell culture media. Also, this has increased the demand for optimized cell culture media from buyers as they reduce process timelines and time-to-market. The buyers in this market prefer engaging with suppliers with a specialized team of experts who provide guidance in the modification of existing formulations and aid in the designing of processes for leveraging optimized media.

The emergence of stem cell culture:

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells in multicellular organisms that can be differentiated into specialized cells which can divide to produce more stem cells. Biopharmaceutical organizations are continuously working toward evolving stem cell culture media with their increasing ability to evaluate, understand, and optimize cell culture conditions. Also, stem cell culture media are enhancing innovation in culturing of stem cells, thereby enabling development of new therapies. The emergence of stem cell culture also helps in generating various possibilities of different clinical applications for ushering new treatments for diseases.

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