LOS ANGELES – 09-20-2018 ( — TTV platform is using blockchain technology to empower drivers to grow their own ride-hailing business.

TTV (Tian Tian Ventures), a global decentralized ride-hailing platform, will be launching its service in the U.S. Very soon, TTV is available for free download on Android and iOS devices in its pilot launch market, Thailand. With nearly 50,000 of the public expressing their interests for the platform, TTV is an app-accessible platform that is utilizing blockchain technology to decentralize the ride-hailing economy, providing drivers and passengers worldwide with enhanced control over their collective ride-sharing experiences.

“A few years back, companies like GRAB and UBER were considered revolutionary for their disruption of the ride-hailing industry,” says Benjamin, the Co-founder of TTV. “However, these companies are falling short in terms of their ability to support and empower the drivers and passengers who are directly responsible for the explosive growth of the ride-hailing industry. Blockchain has allowed us to autonomously decentralize the entire ride-hailing ecosystem, which puts the control–and money–back where it belongs; in the hands of drivers and passengers.”

TTV is entering a market currently congested with technological inefficiencies, unnecessary gatekeepers, profit-siphoning third parties, as well as a range of other limiting factors that only a few years ago were being hailed for positively disrupting the long-standing taxi industry.

The current state of the ride-hailing industry leaves much to be desired. Among the existing shortcomings:

  • The incomes for Ride-hailing drivers are deteriorating over time, which requires them to work longer hours in order to sustain their minimum incomes.
  • Currently, drivers always begin at zero for each brand-new day as there are no repeated clients due to a lack of an existing customer base.
  • The profit earned by the existing ride-hailing companies is not being appropriately shared with their drivers.

Hence, TTV, the ride-hailing company is disrupting the disruptors. To the driver’s, TTV gives them control over their own data and network which lets them build a customer base, which allows them to grow their own fleet of other drivers. As for the passenger’s, the TTV platform enables them the easy access to looking for and booking of their rides. Best of all, both the drivers and passengers are rewarded with TTV cryptocurrency tokens for their participation in the platform.

While existing ride-hailing options are often poorly controlled and financially disempowering to the very people who rely on them, TTV’s use of blockchain technology allows for a largely autonomous system that appropriately compensates and rewards those who utilize it. Hence, with the growing dissatisfaction for both the drivers and passengers with the existing ride-hailing options, TTV is eliminating technological roadblocks and returning control to the real people who work and travel within the wide world of ride-sharing.

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