Diamond ICO. What is new in the crypto currency market?


PRAGUE – 09-06-2018 (Press Release Jet) — The number of ICO, issuing the own cryptocurrency, modeling TGE, is progressively developing. The market offers the projects from absolutely various business spheres: block chain-startups, IT –projects, infrastructure, service, trade and other projects.


RegerDiamond Project is distinguished and definitely differed under all this multi-layered diversity. The diamond – jewelry functioning business in the general block chain-idea format hasn’t appeared yet. The branch specifics, very conservative for a wide range of investors, often hidden in details from public attention, gave no opportunity to realize a crypto – project in diamond business. It provides uniqueness of the project, wherein initiators open horizons for this branch for all coming, potential investors and common consumers of the jewelry products. The main idea: “Down with backstage jewelry operations! Enough “blood diamonds!” Through blockchain digitalization it is needed to open all stages of the “big diamond way!” 


But the main feature of this ICO is not even in revealing the branch foundations, but that under this project the token liquidity RDS, issued in circulation is provided both by ICO procedures and the diamond-jewelry assets of RegerDiamond, hosted in stocks “prior” but not “after” issuing tokens. And it is definitely some new global world precedent, since there is already the support, it is not built on promises to produce it on funds of the investors, it is classic by the type of assets (diamonds) and revolutionary by the business-idea status on digitalization of all processes in this branch, expanding the ecosystem of users and finally using RDS tokens as a universal exchange medium of the most conservative business branch in the world.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Invest Diamond
Full Name: Elena Platon
Phone: 420 228 880 190
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.regerdiamond.com

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