Diane Michel, Republican Candidate for State Senate and Founder of Lady Like Leaders, and The Lonely Entrepreneur Partner to Empower Women to Become Better Entrepreneurs


United States, Tennessee, Nashville-davidson – 11-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — The Lonely Entrepreneur and Diane Michel, Republican Candidate for State Senate and Founder of Lady Like Leaders, have partnered to provide the women of Lady Like Leaders with knowledge, tools and support they need to be better entrepreneurs.  
Through this partnership, every member will have access to The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community –a one-stop shop for the knowledge, tools and support women need to turn their entrepreneurial passion into success.

Ms. Michel, candidate for State Senate for the upcoming 2020 election, has been committed to helping women be better leaders throughout her professional life. Through Lady Like Leaders, she has been challenging women to “Lady Up” and providing this powerful network with leadership skills they need.  
Entrepreneurism is the next frontier on Ms. Michel’s radar screen. Women started 1,821 new businesses every day last year and 40% of US businesses are women-owned.  

“Entrepreneurism is the next frontier where women will lead. Women already possess so many traits that you need to be successful entrepreneurs. And like many entrepreneurs, are used to juggling the roles of mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and friends with their role as business leaders.”  said Diane Michel. Our partnership with The Lonely Entrepreneur is designed to build on these skills to provide powerful and ambitious women with the knowledge, tools and guidance to achieve as entrepreneurs.”

The Lonely Entrepreneur, founded by Michael Dermer and known for his top-rated book “The Lonely Entrepreneur,” has built an extensive online learning and community platform called The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community. This unique resource is a one-stop shop for the knowledge, tools and support that entrepreneurs need.  It:
• organizes what entrepreneurs need to know across the business and personal issues they all face
• includes over 250 learning modules, tools and templates, and vendor reviews and
• guides entrepreneurs with an online community and weekly group coaching where they can get real-time answers to their most pressing questions
Lady Like Leaders members will have access to not only the learning resources in the Learning Community but ongoing support in the form of an online community and weekly group coaching.

“As I embark on my candidacy for the State Senate in 2020, it is important to me that I continue to empower women to become better leaders and entrepreneurs. By partnering with The Lonely Entrepreneur, I will be able to serve the people of Tennessee while continuing to empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs.” said Diane Michel of the Lady Like Leaders.  

“There are so many skills women already possess that are essential to entrepreneurism – emotional intelligence, managing multiple priorities and building great teams. We want to help every woman in the Lady Like Leaders network unlock their potential as entrepreneurs and bring their passion to life.” Said Michael Dermer, founder of The Lonely Entrepreneur.

About The Lonely Entrepreneur:

The Lonely Entrepreneur is an entrepreneur support service whose mission is to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs worldwide by turning their passion into success. This is achieved through is top-rated book “The Lonely Entrepreneur,”  coaching and  The Lonely Entrepreneur Learning Community – an extensive online learning and community platform which offers live coaching sessions, over 200 modules and a vibrant online community offering real-time answers. Both the book and Learning Community provide solutions to the business and personal issues that all entrepreneurs face.  

Founded in 2015 by Michael Dermer, The Lonely Entrepreneur has been featured in over 100 domestic and international media outlets including MSNBC, Fast Company, Forbes, CBS, ABC, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post and in over 100 keynotes and events throughout the world including in the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, China, India, Singapore, Canada, Turkey and Croatia. The Lonely Entrepreneur’s non-profit is a 501(c)(3) corporation. For more information, please visit The Lonely Entrepreneur or follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Diane Michel and Lady Like Leaders:
“Like many of you, I’ve had to overcome tremendous adversity, both professionally and personally. I’ve tackled impossible mountains and often learned to climb on my way up.
I’ve wanted to quit more times than I care to count, and with good reason, but it’s just not in my DNA!  
One investor told me that the sole reason he backed me was that I “wasn’t a quitter”.
So, if there is one thing I am fully equipped to do, it’s to teach women how to LADY UP + NOT QUIT!  
My passion is equipping women with practical, faith-based tools to handle any leadership challenge that can possibly come their way with graceful strength.
I want to build up an army of Lady Like Leaders all over the country!” – Diane Michel

About Michael Dermer:
Michael Dermer is an entrepreneur, speaker, lawyer and founder/author of The Lonely Entrepreneur. Michael is considered the founder of not only a company, but an industry – rewarding individuals for healthy behavior. Michael left a promising law career to start IncentOne, the first company to provide rewards for healthy behavior. At the time, rewards in healthcare were not only non-existent – they were offensive. He was told over and over “we will never reward people for things they should be doing to be healthy.” After bootstrapping for a decade, his company received a large private equity investment on October 15, 2008. They had arrived. It should have been a time for celebration. Then the financial crisis hit. Ten years were gone in ten days. Bankrupt customers. Investment gone. Credit dead. Family dollars at risk. Angry investors. Family relationships on the brink. It would take two years of working 24 hours a day to save what took ten years to build. The perfect storm. It was doomed. Or was it? Today, health rewards are everywhere, he sold IncentOne to industry innovator Welltok and his company is credited with creating the health rewards industry. What resulted was not only a business success, but the discovery of a unique method on how to thrive under the pressure, chaos and burden of being the entrepreneur. The Lonely Entrepreneur was born. 

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