DisplayRide announces world’s first Rideshare Monitoring Platform to address growing safety concerns in the rideshare industry


San Jose, CA, USA. – 02-20-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Provides secure real-time video surveillance and analytics to better address concerns around safety and incident validation


DisplayRide, an innovator focused on enhancing the rideshare experience, announced a purpose-built platform that will allow secure visual monitoring inside and outside of a vehicle during a ride in real-time; it will also make available the raw footage & analytics on the cloud, for any post-incident investigation.


There have been hundreds of serious incidents, including over 50 deaths, reported while using Ridesharing platforms [1]. While Rideshare companies are introducing measures to enhance security, there is generally no neutral record of the incident, which creates enormous problems and often incurs significant costs and liabilities to the Ridesharing companies [2]. The DisplayRide platform addresses these shortcomings and can assist companies like Uber, Didi and Lyft to augment their abilities and effectively manage such incidents promptly, proactively and efficiently; It significantly extends beyond the capabilities of existing dash cam solutions and may also bring down the high costs of insurance as well. 


“The latest set of features on the DisplayRide platform are designed to deter, document and ultimately, reduce untoward incidents that are becoming disturbingly frequent, and creating apprehension when using ridesharing services”, said Abdul Kasim, CEO of DisplayRide. “By leveraging our platform, rideshare companies can easily address a pressing problem that could become detrimental to an otherwise explosive growth opportunity” [3].


“The DisplayRide platform can be easily integrated with the any of the ridesharing platforms and is designed to scale”, added Navin Jethani, CTO of DisplayRide. “It has been tested rigorously on the ground, and is ready to be deployed”. 


DisplayRide’s platform is a sophisticated solution that employs machine learning and offers several value-added features to enhance the ridesharing experience. More information can be had at: www.displayride.com or by contacting us at [email protected] 


About DisplayRide


DisplayRide’s mission is to enhance the rideshare experience, for riders, drivers and the rideshare companies.Founded in 2017, the company’s flagship platform offers features aimed at improving safety and efficiency, while leveraging monetizing opportunities. For more information, please contact us: [email protected]





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