Dock Blocks Announces GSA Schedule Approval


United States – 05-13-2019 ( — Dock Blocks is excited to provide the United States with modular floating docking systems, including drive-on docking solutions that range from 50 foot boats down to Sea Air Rescue personal water crafts. Our docks allow the assets to sit in the ready position, completely out of water, until the call of duty is required. Within minutes the boats can be in the water and mission ready.

Dock Blocks is dedicated to provide support to our U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, Municipalities, US Customs & Border Patrol, Fire Departments, Marine Police Units, Parks & Recreation departments, and many more government entities.   Dock Blocks is excited to announce the approval of our GSA Schedule 84 Contract # 47QSWA19D004B & Schedule 78 Contract # 47QSMA19D08NC.  
Dock Blocks are the strongest dock out on the market. Our Boat Boost system allows us to dock assets up to 25,000 lbs. Part of the strength comes from having a patented connecting system with more connection points, strengthening bars, and thicker HDPE walls.

Municipalities around the U.S. love our ease of use and the ability create anything from a jet ski to a T-shape pier. Our modular design allows you to create any formation that you want.  Visit for more information.

Dock Blocks of North America is a floating dock system company based out of Charleston, S.C. Since 2004, Dock Blocks have helped people around the world find a portable, high-quality docking solution for everything from recreational boat lifts to marine construction barges and beyond. Learn more about Dock Blocks at or call 877-478-8440.  

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