Don Forman Nissan Helping The Economy Rebound From COVID-19


– 06-17-2020 ( — Don Forman Nissan is helping the U.S. economy rebound amid COVID-19. The global pandemic continues to affect millions of people and countless businesses across several industries. In the U.S., the virus has taken many lives and shut down commerce and companies from coast to coast. While the international medical community continues to research a cure, life has slowly started to get back to normal in some areas. This includes Las Vegas, Nevada, which is gradually opening up with the spread of COVID-19 slowing down.

At the forefront of this return to normalcy is Don Forman Automotive. Don Forman is a reputable businessman, philanthropist, and the powering force behind Don Forman United Nissan. From Linkedin and press releases to other social media platforms, Don continues to be heralded for his commitment to helping people across the country. With challenging times facing the nation, Don continues to be a shining example of philanthropy in action.Don Forman Nissan continues to be involved in charitable endeavors in and out of Las Vegas. Don believes in helping people that are experiencing economic uncertainty due to COVID-19, which has caused job loss, financial difficulties, and record-numbers of unemployment claims across the country. Don has partnered with FOX5 Surprise Squad to put a smile on the faces of people that are dealing with gloom, sadness, depression, and despair.Don helped the Las Vegas community after the tragic shooting that occurred in October 2017. Don and his employees helped transport victims of the shooting to local hospitals and medical care facilities. He even assisted a gentleman who wanted to plant crosses across the city in memory of the victims. Don sprung into action to help college students with free automobiles so they could attend UNLV. He also helped a young lady who wanted to take a fellow student to homecoming but lacked the resources.These are but a few examples of Don Forman United and their continuing commitment to helping people from all walks of life. From food and blood drives to humanitarian assistance, Don believes in helping folks that are experiencing all types of problems and adversities in life.Don Forman has also extended his passion for philanthropy to his business. Don Forman Nissan features a wide selection of new and certified pre-owned vehicles at amazingly low prices. These cars are reliable and ideal for work — especially for essential workers that provide essential services for residents on a daily basis. While COVID-19 is slated to be around for a while, its impact is slowing down across America. This is an excellent sign for businesses and cities that are beginning to open and trying to get back to normal.Don is helping the local economy come back with vehicles that have real MSRP savings. He is offering substantial discounts for new and existing customers that need new or pre-owned certified cars. Similarly, there are several promotional specials, trade-in deals, drive-out deals, and even savings for customers that need their vehicles serviced at Don Forman Automotive.Don Forman will continue to assist folks with cost-affordable vehicles and philanthropic services. If you are experiencing financial or emotional distress, you are not alone. It’s good to see a professional businessman like Don Forman give back to the community that helped make him a success. United Nissan’s customers and the hard work of Don and his team have made the dealership one of the best across Nevada. Don Forman understands how challenging these times are for families and individuals. This is why he continues to contribute to community empowerment and charity events across the city. United Nissan hopes and prays that COVID-19 gets a cure that is long-lasting and effective.

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