DRUIDapp, Inc. receives SBIR grant that includes a collaborative research study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


United States – 07-10-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Partnering with Dr. Ryan Vandrey the research will focus on how well the DRUID® app can detect impairment following acute cannabis exposure.


DRUIDapp, Inc.- creators of the DRUID® app today announced that they have received a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from The National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIH/NIDA). The DRUID® app is the only portable test available which calculates the level of impairment from cannabis—or any other source, including sleep deprivation, alcohol or other drugs—in about two minutes.


These SBIR grants are awarded to small businesses that need research done and are seeking academic partners to complete it.  SBIR grants are very difficult to obtain—only 4 proposed Fast Track SBIR applications to NIH in Massachusetts during 2018 received funding, less than a quarter of the proposals.


The SBIR award to DRUIDapp, Inc. will provide funds for multiple studies of the efficacy of the DRUID® app to detect impairment. Using cognitive neuroscience, the DRUID® app scores a user’s performance on several tasks–presented like a video game. Impairment is assessed in reaction time, hand-eye coordination, time estimation, balance and the ability to do divided attention tasks—all important capacities for functioning in the workplace or when driving that can be impaired by alcohol, cannabis and other drugs. 


The SBIR grant to DRUIDapp, Inc. includes funds for Dr. Ryan Vandrey, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, to conduct dosage-controlled cannabis administration studies using DRUID® to measure impairment.


The studies funded by this award will measure impairment in medical cannabis patients who use marijuana frequently, as well as impairment in infrequent users of cannabis.


Most drug testing involves the measurement of drugs of abuse in biological fluids such as blood, saliva, or breath (as in an alcohol breathalyzer). The DRUID® app is fundamentally different—it tests your brain instead.


Dr. Milburn, the creator of DRUID®, explains, “The emphasis on collecting biological fluids misunderstands the way THC can remain in the body long after impairment is gone.  Drug tests measure exposure, not impairment.  The DRUID® impairment measurement app is really the Gold Standard of impairment testing right now.”


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Founded by Michael Milburn, PhD.  The DRUID® app is designed to help keep people safe by providing fast, accurate information regarding impairment.  Available in both the App Store and Google Play, the DRUID® app is the first sophisticated phone/tablet app that can accurately detect cognitive performance impairment in less than two minutes, independent of whether the impairment is due to substance use or other reasons.




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