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NEW YORK – 09-27-2018 (PRDistribution.com) — eBrandz is the longest standing and world’s largest digital marketing and design service provider specializing in white label services with their sister brand AgencyPlatform.com. For those who have been around the “white label marketing reseller” space, you would know that the largest competitor to eBrandz from 2008 until 2015 was Endlessrise. The founder and CEO, Paul Stinemetz, sold Endlessrise in 2015 and has just recently joined the executive team at eBrandz. Once the two largest digital marketing outsourcing competitors, now colleagues joining efforts to take eBrandz / AgencyPlatform.com to the next level.  

Paul Stinemetz was chosen to join the executive team at eBrandz to help evolve services, technologies, support and partner benefits. With his long-standing experience in the marketing reseller space, eBrandz is primed to establish significant dominance in the industry. Milind Mody, the founder of eBrandz, stated, “Finding someone who has the experience Paul has is difficult and finding someone who has built a 400 employee white label marketing operation is unheard of. Paul recently spent 6 weeks at our headquarters in Mumbai and we could not be more excited about the future of eBrandz / AgencyPlatform. I’m not sure which I’m happier about, having him off the map as our competitor or having him join our team! Kidding aside, marketing agencies worldwide are in for a treat when they see what we are working on and will be releasing over the next year.”

From 2008 to 2016, Paul executed over 41,000 marketing campaigns running the BPO operations behind marketing agencies from all over the world under a white label servicing over 10 thousand marketing agencies and generating over 45 million in retail sales revenue. His former company, Endlessrise, broke the top 1000 companies list and was the Paypal #1 revenue generating business in the Philippines. Commenting on the opportunity Paul said, “eBrandz is a really special company and I am excited about what the future holds. The business model of eBrandz is very similar to my former company in regards to software, services, employees and resellers. Given the similarities, I feel right at home as if I’m in my old stomping grounds. I had the opportunity to visit Mumbai for several weeks and get to know their staff, see their facilities and work with the upper management and founders closely. It was a real pleasure to get to know Milind and Prasanna Mody and I can tell you their work ethics, drive and commitment to this industry is unparalleled. We are going to move mountains together.”

Not only does Paul Stinemetz bring operational and service level experience to Ebrandz, but also a strong training and education background. From 2015 to 2018 Paul built a marketing certification company that trains and certifies marketing agencies operating as consultancies and focuses deeply on agency business models. This training and educational background will be utilized heavily within eBrandz as a new training & education feature within AgencyPlatform.com and is due for release early 2019. Paul will also be heading up the effort to establish services particularly to help market partners/resellers. These services would allow agencies to have more help and resources to set up, establish and grow their companies.  Speaking about helping agencies, Paul is also setting up a tiered membership program to provide additional resources to agencies. The membership levels will be differentiated based on software offerings, support levels, agency facing marketing services and more.  

Lastly but certainly not least, Paul will be heading up the opening of a USA office in Kansas City, MO. Without revealing too much information about what this office is for and how it will operate, we can tell you that the office is to staff USA reps that will help to consult, coach and assist agency partners worldwide. Paul said, “I’m really excited to open the Kansas City office. The location could not be better and the benefits this office and the staff will bring to our partners will be immeasurable.”  

You can catch Paul Stinemetz live on training webinars every other week by signing up for AgencyPlatform.com and get free coaching for your marketing agency from one of the world’s top agency consultants.

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