Evergreen Entertainment Group and The Entertainment Factory the Producers of ‘The Dark Side of Dalia’ have announced the appointment of Dr. Anthony Fierimonte, former Commander of the Detroit Police


United States – 08-05-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Dr. Fierimonte, former Commander of the Detroit Police Department, has agreed to become a Senior Consultant for the true crime drama film *The Darkside of Dalia*. Drawing on over 20 years with the Detroit PD and a Doctorate in Socio-Psychology from Wayne State University, Dr. Fierimonte’s combination of hard-knock experience and academic insight make him well suited as a technical expert and conceptual guide.


“Dr. Fierimonte brings along an incredible amount of expertise to the Film” commented Evergreen Entertainments spokesperson Brian Darro. “His unique experience coupled with his academic research will bring further perspective to a story line that has mesmerized audiences around the globe.”


The Dark Side of Dalia focuses on the course of events surrounding an attempted murder-for-hire scheme involving former escort Dalia Dipiletto. Drawn out over three criminal trials and an appeal looming before the Florida Supreme Court, the case incited a media frenzy over its elicitation of dramatic characters and risque details, revealed through video and audio recordings.


“The Story never seems to die. It’s full of twists and turns and has captivated the country for years” said Mr. Darro.


The film aims to explore the role of greed in driving human behavior. With the script completed, casting is set to begin shortly, followed by determination of a targeted release date. For more information and to Learn How To Participate in this Film, Please contact the Evergreen Entertainment Group. 


Website: www.theevergreencorp.com 

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