Evolution MPC Pursues Development Through Travel


Press Release updated: Sep 29, 2017 09:00 EDT

Team members from Evolution MPC traveled to Utah for a special training event. The firm’s Directors discussed this trip and the team-building value of hitting the road together.

A recent opportunity to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah gave members of Team Evolution MPC some specialized training. Kate S., one of the firm’s Directors, explained, “Training managers Nick C. and Devon D. accompanied me on the trip to Utah. It has been called the most giving state, which aligns perfectly with our company culture focused on making a positive impact.” 

David K., also a Director with the company, stated, “Nick and Devon are trained on this campaign, so attending this unique getaway made a lot of sense. They gained extensive coaching in an area in which they are already familiar. Beyond that, they also had the chance to discuss the importance of being prepared with other successful people.” 

“You won’t always be in the same scenario throughout your career, so it pays to get out of your comfort zone.”

David K., Director

The ability to adapt to changing circumstances is a focal point of the Evolution MPC training approach. David remarked, “You won’t always be in the same scenario throughout your career, so it pays to get out of your comfort zone. Even when you’re training or refining your skills, it’s a good idea to travel in order to do so. Dealing with the unexpected circumstances you encounter on the road makes you more flexible in terms of how you achieve professional goals.” 

Evolution MPC’s Directors on the Team-Building Benefits of Business Travel

Along with the training offered, there were plenty of other benefits to the Salt Lake City trip. Kate commented, “We got to do some sightseeing, which is always worthwhile in that part of the country. It was an amazing opportunity to visit a place we’d never seen before. We did our best to maximize the experience.”

This is a common theme of Evolution MPC travel events. Kate added, “We take in as much as possible whenever we venture out to a new city. Our people grow professionally when they interact with other top performers. We want to make sure they grow personally by experiencing great restaurants, entertainment options, and natural beauty. Salt Lake City had plenty of all three, so we’re already looking forward to going there again.” 

Team members also become closer as people through travel experiences. Kate stated, “We learn more about each other by spending time together away from our busy office. It’s nice to see personality traits and hidden talents we might not get to observe during a typical workday.” 

About Evolution MPC

Evolution MPC advocates for companies and nonprofits with a focus on social good. The firm’s team members boost impact by creating an on-the-ground presence for partner companies and nonprofits, using methods that combine event-based outreach with personal connections. They use their voices for good, sparking conversation and bringing like-minded people together. Their success has put them in place to expand, letting them make an even bigger impact. The focus at Evolution MPC is to build lasting bonds between people and brands who want to make the world a better place. Visit https://evolutionmpc.com to learn more about all they’ve achieved and how they continue to grow. ​

Source: evolutionmpc.com

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