ExchangeMonitor Announces Agenda for the 2018 Decommissioning Strategy Forum



ExchangeMonitor Publications & Forums has announced the agenda for the 2018 Decommissioning Strategy Forum. The inaugural Decommissioning Strategy Forum will allow attendees to learn how to capitalize on opportunities in the nuclear decommissioning market. Join hundreds of industry and government attendees to make important connections and leave with clear tactics to apply to your decommissioning strategies. This year’s program will explore the theme Cost Practices, Capital Investments and Best Practices.

The 1 ½ day program, taking place June 7-8 in Nashville, TN, includes:

  • The Policy, Economic, and Climate Implications of Nuclear Retirements
  • Alternate Pathways for Decommissioning and Strategic Trust Fund Management
  • Innovative Business Models for Decommissioning – the Potential to Accelerate Project Completion
  • New and Innovative Technologies for Decommissioning
  • The Significance of Interim Storage and an Approved Transportation Plan
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Regulatory Update – State and Federal Implications
  • Decommissioning Market and Business Opportunities Overview: Including Supply Chain Opportunities for Small and Medium Sized Providers
  • How to Advance Coordination with Federal and State Agencies
  • Update on Current Decommissioning Projects in the U.S. and the Availability of Experienced Project Managers

The Program Committee that pulled together this valuable agenda full of important topics plaguing the current decommissioning market includes: Nancy Berlin, Program Manager, Decommissioning Strategy Forum; Larry Camper, USNRC Retired and Senior Nuclear Safety Consultant, Talisman International, LLC; James Joosten, Managing Partner, Connect-USA LLC; Daniel Macias, Chair, EFCOG Decontamintation and Decommissioning SubGroup, UCOR; Arun Mani, Principal, Power and Utilities Advisory, KPMG LLCP-Strategy; Rod McCullum, Senior Director, Used Fuel and Decommissioning, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI); Rob Smart, Independent Consultant; and Mark Walker, Vice President, Marketing and Media Relations, Energy Solutions.

“This stellar group of industry stakeholders represent the theme of this event, Cost Performance, Capital Investment and Best Practices, and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the take home value of program content” said Nancy Berlin, Program Manager, Decommissioning Strategy Forum.

With upwards of 20 nuclear reactors undergoing decommissioning and several others announcing closures dates in the past year, the American market for decommissioning work continues to expand. Through a day and a half of discussions and networking, keynote addresses and more, attendees will hear from decommissioning experts, state and local regulatory officials and technology provides at the first annual Forum to guide their inside on nuclear decommissioning business opportunities.

The 2018 Decommissioning Strategy Forum will take place June 7-8, 2018 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nasvhille, TN. With hundreds of expected attendees and several high-profile sponsors and exhibitors already secured, including ESC Lab Sciences, Container Technologies Industries, LLC, National Salvage & Service Company and US Ecology, the 2018 Decommissioning Strategy Forum is a can’t miss event.

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