ExecutivEstrogen Launches New Thrive Theory™ Online Assessment Giving Women Professionals Career Advice On-Demand


United States – 07-21-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — New online assessment allows women professionals to instantly obtain career advice on Time Management, Building Confidence, Managing Conflict, and Career Vision Clarity, based on where they are currently in their Careers.


Martha Underwood, President and CEO of ExecutivEstrogen, a Career Advisory Firm, specializing in helping women professionals translate their emotions and perspectives more efficiently, into a tool that leads to more career advancement and access to Executive Leadership opportunities, is excited to launch a tool that helps propel women professionals globally.

Underwood, who regretfully described how she was left affected by a past experience, whereby she witnessed a well-respected Executive Female Leader, crack and give way under the demands of the role, after having little, to no professional support, vowed to ensure this never happened again; on her watch. Becoming the ammunition that would fuel, Underwood’s purpose, she created ExecutivEstrogen, as a platform for professional online resources, career support and global community for women everywhere.

Armed with this pensive motivation and seen as an influential leader in the Executive Tech Community, today, Underwood, advises, mentors and is a panelist and keynote speaker at many of the nation’s most popular professional conferences.

  • The new Thrive Theory™ online assessment, takes 2-3 minutes to complete and produces women professionals with an instant result based on career-cycle and covers the following four areas:

    Time Management
    Confidence Building
    Managing Conflict
    Career Vision Clarity

    The new Thrive Theory™ results will immediately provide detailed feedback consisting of career advisement, tips and suggestions including an opportunity to speak with an expert member of the ExecutivEstrogen team.

  • “The ability to discover & provide this type of real time information to career women, on demand, early & often, will be a real game-changer for the Professional Working Class Community,” said Dawn Nicole, a Global Workforce Development Leader and CEO at BrandDisco©
  • By all accounts, adding an innovative online assessment tool to the ExecutivEstrogen portfolio of products and services, will help to support its goals of providing professional online resources, career support and a global community for women everywhere.
  • “We are beyond thrilled to offer the informative new Thrive Theory™ assessment as a tool to help women professionals solve common challenges sooner and learn how to Thrive earlier within their careers,” said Underwood.
  • For more information on this, or if you want to discover your Thrive Theory™ results , Try It Now for Free, by going to thrivetheory.executivestrogen.com ,to get your instant results now!


  • Executive Estrogen teaches women how to translate the emotion and perspective that makes us so powerful into an efficient tool that leads to career advancement and provides the mobility needed to reach executive levels.
  • For more information about ExecutivEstrogen, visit executivestrogen.com

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