Filestack Passes One Billion Files Uploaded, Adds Content Intelligence to API Platform


“A simple integration with Filestack’s content intelligence API allowed us to offload the analysis of a large volume of mail quickly and reliably.” – Steven Maguire, VP Technology at Earth Class Mail


Launched as a file uploader tool for developers in 2012, Filestack has announced its one billionth file upload. In addition, the company is releasing intelligent asset management features for its Content Ingestion Network (CIN).

“With content intelligence, businesses will be able gain insights and streamline processes that have traditionally been difficult to automate. Filestack’s Content Ingestion API now uses state of the art machine learning models to extract information from images to solve business problems,” said Sameer Kamat, CEO of Filestack.

Over 100,000 applications rely on Filestack’s API platform for content ingestion, processing, optimization and distribution.

The company announced the following capabilities to its Content Ingestion API platform:

Content Intelligence

  • Copyright detection – Detects and reports content that is copyright protected.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Filestack OCR now extracts printed and handwritten data from your images. It combines object detection and OCR to provide fine-tuned insights into physical mail and your checks. Using domain-specific intelligence for data by using machine learning platforms, it streamlines business workflows for automated address (envelope) and check (CAR/LAR) processing.

Asset Management

  • Advanced Search: Quickly find a single file or search through millions of file using advanced metadata filters
  • Download assets: Filter and download one or more assets with a single click.
  • Advanced analytics: Know your users through the content they upload, to help you focus on metrics that matter.

Filestack’s Content Ingestion Network (CIN) is built to solve the problem of seamlessly and intelligently integrating edge content within an application cloud – for any content, any device, any network, anywhere in the world.

“A simple integration with Filestack’s content intelligence API allowed us to offload the analysis of a large volume of mail quickly and reliably. This automation has proven critically important as our team has more time to focus on enhancing our core product,” said Steven Maguire, VP Technology at Earth Class Mail, a company that aims to revolutionize office mail processing.

“Building and maintaining an intelligent content ingestion platform on your own takes you away from your core business. Companies of every size have benefited from essential platforms such as Stripe for billing, Twilio for communication, Gmail for email, and we are building that platform for content ingestion,” explained CEO Sameer Kamat.

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