Mysore, Karnataka, India – 02-27-2019 ( — FIRST MATH Academy presents for the FIRST Time ever a General Formula for Multiplication that holds good for multiplying any two numbers from 1 to infinity & a three step method to multiply any two numbers without using a calculator.

The paper has been published in the Online International Journal of Vedic Mathematics & consists of Logical proof & explanation along with solved examples. Please visit  for more information.Crowdfunding On Indiegogo: Academy offers the following Online Courses: 

  1. Remedial course for Expert Math Skills. ( Grade 4 to Grade 10)
  2. SAT Math Crash course  ( 6 weeks)
  3. Remedial course in SAT Math ( 10 weeks)

Romith Rao the founder of the Academy has developed a comprehensive & a highly effective Math Practice System by understanding the common mistakes made by hundreds of students & the requisite skills.Measurable Drastic Improvement in student performance & outcomes is GUARANTEED. Students will develop excellent numerical ability & problem solving skills & get rid of the Math fear in just 6 months.Special training is provided for Calculating Mentally without using a calculator. This is extremely helpful in answering the “No Calculator” sections in college entrance exams & Aptitude tests where time is a constraint as well. Students develop speed as well as Accuracy in solving problems from the remedial course.Math is the most essential life skill for making complex & important life decisions from Academics, Career, Insurance Mortgage, Investments, property to list a few. Gift your kids the most essential Life Skill to excel in Academics & in Life by choosing FIRST MATH Academy. Campaign Exclusive Prices on Indiegogo.Learn SAT /ACT Math from an Expert Mathematician with the best ever research in Calculating without using a calculator & get the real edge in making it to the top college. Join Now!

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Full Name: Romith Rao
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