First of its kind “green” financing firm provides money to eco-friendly projects worldwide


WASHINGTON, DC – 12-28-2018 ( — A new financing company is out to protect the planet by funding projects that benefit the environment around the globe – and it’s already having an impact, to the tune of $1.15 billion.

ConservGeo is the U.S.’s first entirely environmentally focused firm to address both project finance and development consulting. It concentrates on project impact and works to highlight and utilize talent from all over the world who would otherwise be shut out of implementation of quality green projects. And it’s unique in that it’s a for-profit entity.

ConservGeo’s philosophy comes from the top: co-founders Christine Sanni, the CEO, and Ikhelowa Sanni, the CFO, have already developed a company that can analyze a project and determine its viability within 5 to 7 business days. If the proposed project isn’t quite ready for financing, ConservGeo’s in-house consulting services, situated globally, can help get it prepared to be funded and implemented.   

Project developers have been turning to ConservGeo because it has a reputation for an ability to facilitate favorable finance terms quickly and efficiently.  As a result, the company has seen over $1.15 billion in project submissions and analysis in the past quarter. 


The company’s own online Environmental University provides its Channel Directors – ConservGeo expects to have over 100 Directors by the end of 2019 – with the knowledge they need to  analyze proposed projects and ensure that they are a good fit with the company’s goals and objectives.


Christine Sanni and Ikhelowa Sanni initially developed the ConservGeo concept and vision as a way to give emerging markets and the innovators who live in them the technology to bring renewable energy to places without electricity and to create sustainable jobs in these markets. They are now working to bring awareness and education of environmental challenges to the forefront.


ConservGeo is committed to ensuring that people everywhere can successfully implement environmentally focused projects by making the funding available to allow them to create their vision for a cleaner, safer planet.


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Full Name: Ikhelowa Sanni
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