Former Corporate Creative Lead Helps Clients Re-Design their Careers – and Lives


United States, New York, Syracuse – 05-22-2019 ( — Julian Haddad’s design career was a success by any of the typical measures – earning increasingly higher-level positions of responsibility along with the associated salary increases and all of the comforts to show for it. Yet, for all the gains he was making in the workplace, all he felt was loss of self and purpose. – and he set out to change that. 

Through a personal journey of meditation and behavioral psychology, Haddad rediscovered his core values and decided what he wanted his story to be moving forward. Today, he has built a successful coaching business helping his fellow designers to do the same – through The CATCH Method.

CATCH stands for: Creative Awareness Training Can Heal. Through this proprietary private coaching program, Haddad helps to empower design students, designers and business leaders who are looking for direction in their work, want to be better leaders for their teams, or are experiencing burnout and loss of purpose. Sessions are offered in one-hour consultations or three to six months programs with prices starting at $500.

Here are the building blocks of The CATCH Method:

  • Unravel – Deconstructing clients’ lives into the pieces that make them their unique selves.
  • Own Your Story – Clients are taught to identify, feel and own their unique story as it is the glue holding all the pieces of their lives together. 
  • Restore – Through knowing their stories, clients are taught how to put the pieces back together, and set attainable goals.
  • Express – Using the design process, clients work on expressing their story through their portfolio of work.
  • Heal – Clients create healthy habits to alleviate old wounds and help them positively affect their own lives and the lives of those around them.
  • Reflect – With self-awareness as a lifelong journey as the overriding premise, clients look back at what went right, what went wrong, and what they can improve.

“Through CATCH, I support other designers and business leaders in defining their life stories to help them attract or create opportunities that matter to them,” said Haddad. “It’s amazing to see how clients struggling with burnout and oppressive work environments have liberated their creativity and made meaningful impacts in their lives and the lives of others through self-awareness and reinvention.”

“CATCH works so well in part because designers have unique struggles and have their own special language – which I speak fluently. And when I see my clients living their lives by their own design, it reaffirms that I have mastered my own story,” added Haddad.  

Introductory appointments with Haddad can be booked online. For more information about Julian Haddad and The CATCH Method, go to, YouTube or @jlnhaddad on Instagram. 

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