Fundz Startup Database Adds Hard to Find Contact Emails of Companies in Stealth Mode


BOSTON, MA – 11-02-2018 ( — Fundz, which provides a startup database of all companies in the U.S., that just raised money from angel investors and venture capital firms, announced today the addition of contact emails, many of which are not found in any other startup databases.

Many just funded startups are in stealth mode and don’t issue press releases about their funding. Moreover, in their filings with the SEC, a website URL is not provided, making it difficult to learn about these companies.Fundz proprietary algorithm now searches for the website URL and adds this and any related emails that can be verified.With dozens of new startups raising money in the U.S. every business day, this new addition makes Fundz an ideal startup database for those looking to connect with just funded companies ahead of their competitors, which Harvard & Berkeley research has shown to provide a significant advantage in winning new business. Fundz also has an export deals feature which includes the contact emails, making it easy to add their information to other systems or lists. Data researchers and journalists also find the service very helpful in conducting research on the startup funding environment in the U.S., for a fraction of the cost of alternative services.While its not yet possible to find and verify emails for some companies, Fundz says hundreds of new startup fundings are added each week and for about 1/3 of them they are able to find and verify the website and add contact emails.

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