Giving Children The Unique Power of Speech With The Voice Keeper


Israel, Bnei Brak, – 09-01-2020 ( — Almagu, an Israeli voice technology company, is providing children who cannot speak with a unique solution – giving them the power of a personalized synthetic voice through a new high-tech collaborative effort.

Almagu is teaming up with PRC-Saltillo to enable children who use its speech-generating devices and iOS apps to create their own unique voices.

“I often hear from parents and teachers the desire of kids who use AAC to sound different and unique. Why shouldn’t they? They want their voice to show their uniqueness as well,” said Elik Gurvitz, Founder and CEO of Almagu.

“We have been developing synthetic voices for almost 10 years for people who can’t speak. As hard as we try, the selection of voices is always limited, so at the end of the day, too many kids simply use the same voices and sound the same.” 

“The Voice Keeper solves that problem: it allows each family to create a unique voice for their loved one in a way that has never been easier. All it takes is an iPhone or an iPad – or a USB headset with a computer, and a family member or a friend that will donate their voice. 

The system is easy and straightforward to use. 

It has 3 main advantages:

  1. It’s easy.  No need to look for a microphone. Just use your iPhone or iPad to create a voice, wherever you are. 
  2. It’s flexible. When creating a voice for a child, you can ask a sibling, long-distance relative or a friend to donate their voices. With The Voice Keeper, you can record a few people easily, and use the voice you like most. 
  3. It’s high-quality. While creating a synthetic voice requires someone to ultimately record a few hundred sentences, The Voice Keeper lets you hear your voice improve as you record – in fact, many people say it’s like a game to get to the next step!

The cooperation with PRC-Saltillo allows a large segment of children in the US who use synthetic voices on Accent devices, TouchChat app, and LAMP Words for Life app, to create a voice that is unique to them.

Sarah Wilds, PRC-Saltillo’s VP of Product & Service Development, added: ” We integrated The Voice Keeper technology after seeing how easy it was to create a unique voice.

PRC-Saltillo has been a leader in giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves, and we found The Voice Keeper is the easiest way for our users to create a unique voice.”

Almagu plans to launch Android support, both for creating the voice and for using it, as well as launching an integration with apps for adults.

A unique voice by The Voice Keeper can be integrated into PRC-Saltillo’s LAMP Words for Life and TouchChat iOS apps, and on Accent devices. 

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