Glendale Plumbing and Fire Supply Asks Consumers to Take Precautions This Holiday Season


GLENDALE, CA – 12-19-2018 ( — Christmas is the time of year for good cheer and gifts. By now you are probably thinking about unpacking your Christmas decorations (if you haven’t already) and opening gifts around Christmas tree. All these things leave us and our kids especially, giddy with excitement. It is in the heat of this excitement that we sometimes forget about safety practices. 


According to National Fire Protection Association “Between 2012 to 2016, U.S fire departments responded to an average of 170 home fires per year that started with Christmas trees alone.” 


There is nothing that brings more nostalgia than a softly twinkling Christmas tree. However, it’s vital not to overload your circuit. Always check packaging for power output. Look for the UL symbol when buying electrical items and pay close attention to its color. Green means it’s approved for indoor use, and red means it’s good to go for indoor and outdoor use.


It’s important not to overlook the tiny details that can sneak up and cause the most damage. The precautions are simple ones, but when followed properly, will make all the difference. Glendale Plumbing and Fire Supply wants to take the time this year to encourage festive cheer, while extinguishing the chances of any accidental holiday fires. 


“It is beyond easy to prevent your home from becoming a statistic” states GPFS’s Quality Control, Safety and Environmental Manager Mark Rodriguez. “Quick and easy precautions can be taken in order to ensure the safety of your family. Practices such as tree placement and checking your old lights are not time consuming, but can certainly prevent the worst of occurrences”.


Statistically, holiday fires most commonly start with the Christmas tree itself, with candles coming in at a close second. Be sure to follow safety protocol when decking out an artificial or fresh cut Christmas tree, as well as when lighting a candle or two. 


Check out the following tips:


  • Keep your tree at least three feet away from all heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, and heat vents.


  • All artificial trees should have a fire retardant label


  • Remember to keep all fresh cut trees watered. Needles should be very green and fall sparingly. 


  • Keep your tree secured in a sturdy stand so that it doesn’t tip over or get knocked over by kids or pets.



  • Unplug all lights, both indoor and outdoor, before you go to bed.


  • Do not place candles near flammable materials. Leave a one-foot circle of safety around any burning candle.


  • Place candles on a protected, flat, heat resistant, dry, sturdy surface.


  • Never leave children or pets unattended in a room with a lighted candle.


  • Do not place candles on window ledges or near entryways. The potential air draft can “fan” the flame to curtains or other combustible materials.


  • Blow out the candles if you’re going out, even if it’s for five minutes.


There is no greater gift than peace of mind, and no better place from which to take fire prevention advice. For additional plumbing supply and safety information visit GPFSupply Seasonal Safety Tips. Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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