Global Garment Packaging & Accessories Supplier Rudholm Group Develops Biodegradable Plastic Packaging Products under “WeCare”


New York, USA – 02-28-2019 ( — Under the name “WeCare” and in collaboration with their technology partner, global garment packaging & accessories supplier, Rudholm Group has developed a new range of plastic packaging products that are naturally biodegradable in landfill conditions. These new products are Rudholm Group’s proposed solution to the problem of sustainable fashion – it aims to minimize some of the negative impact of the apparel industry on the environment. 

 Using a technology that can be added to any plastic polymer, Rudholm Group was able to speed up the breakdown of the plastic’s polymer chain. This allows naturally existing microorganisms to consume the plastic. It is estimated that these new products take around 12 to 24 months to break down, but the biodegradation time has been observed to be even faster in most cases. These biodegradable plastic products include polybags, shipping mailers, PET box-packaging, shirt collar stands, collar stays and collar support. The new process improves on the older oxo-degradable technology by speeding up a natural process that would otherwise take centuries to happen. Since the process is natural, it does not result in microplastics or any toxic residue, as opposed to oxo-degradable technology which would leave fragments and toxins behind. Rudholm Group sees itself as a game-changer for sustainability efforts within the fashion industry. Dennis Lau, Director of Rudholm Group US Headquarters, RHG USA says: “We feel a strong and extreme trend towards sustainable products & materials within the apparel industry…Our biodegradable plastic initiative is just part of a big range of sustainable products that include many recycled and organic items. As a Scandinavian owned company, we are far ahead of the game in terms of sustainability efforts.”  The fact that the technology can be used within any plastic polymer makes it incredibly versatile in terms of possibilities. All the products are manufactured in Rudholm Groups regions, including as China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and Turkey. According to Mr. Lau, the additional cost of production will have a minimal impact on the final product cost, making it easily accessible for any brand. The products are in compliance with the FDA, and have passed ASTM D5511 (a bio degradation test) and ASTM E1963 (a toxicity test). For more information, please contact: [email protected] / +1 212-933-9588 RHG USA, 79 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016

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