Governor Murphy , AG Gurbir Grewal , Esther Suarez has a history of covering up Sexual Abuse


NEW JERSEY – 12-21-2018 ( — AG Gurbir Grewal has been made aware by me of rampant sexual abuse going back two full years now however he has chose to turn a blind eye to the abuse because it was government employees and I have undeniable evidence of my allegations via emails , documents , audio recordings .


I have evidence that Polticians , Judges , Lawyers , Prosecutors are in collusion .

AG Gurbir Grewal had a Detective contact me no not to inquire about the crimes I alleged , AG Gurbir Grewal wanted this Detective to inquire as to how I obtained his personal email address .

Governor Murphy , AG Gurbir Grewal , Esther Suarez want me silenced because they are fully aware that when there misconduct is exposed they and many other corrupt Democrats Careers will be over a S many will be heading to prison .

Please be unbiased and follow the evidence .

Thank you for your Time , effort 

JMH ( 03715821 ) 


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