Growing Industrialization Will Influence the Voice over LTE (VOLTE) and Voice over Wi-Fi Market Growth Through 2027


Valley Cottage, NY — (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 09/18/2017 — VoLTE, stands for Voice over LTE or Voice over Long Term Evolution. It is a LTE (communication standard) -based technology which supports voice calls over an LTE network. VoLTE is analogous to VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol) and supports voice calls over a broadband connection by Internet voice applications such as Skype and Vonage.

VoLTE service are independent of the legacy circuit-switched voice network and delivers these service when data flow within the LTE data bearer. VoLTE services offers three times more voice and data capacity than 3G UMTS and up to six times more than 2G GSM.

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) is the use of a Wi-Fi network for voice services. In most cases, the Wi-Fi network and voice components supporting the voice system are privately owned by end-users.

These voice over services enables mobile network operators to offer rich voice, video, and messaging services. These services transmits voice in the form of data packets of small sizes thus reducing congestion, increasing spectrum efficiency and reducing operational and maintenance costs.. Additionally, VoLTE enables operators to offer Rich Communication Services (RCS) such as video calling, video voice mail, instant messaging and real time language translation.

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Market Overview:

With people becoming increasingly accustomed to Wi-Fi technology, mobile operators (Telcos) are aiming at exploiting this potential business opportunities by offering VoWiFi in residents and enterprises, and are planning to extend coverage area of their service by deploying LTE and 2G/3G networks.

Presently, VoWiFi services are available for smartphone and tablet clients availing OTT (over the top) services.. As VoLTE becomes more established, OEMs of networking devices strategizes to increasingly implement a VoIP client, which is complementary for Wi-Fi in the terminal chipset. This integrated client will enable complementary use of VoLTE and VoWiFi technologies to make voice call by pressing a switch.

Market Dynamics:

Voice over services are emerging as popular technologies as they offer additional advantages to both the entities – the mobile network operators and the subscribers. Improved quality of voice call as compared to conventional 3G or 2G technology is one of the potential factors driving the market of VoLTE and VoWiFi. . Additionally, spectral efficiency offered by LTE is twice as that of 3G/HSPA and six times as that of the GSM technology, enabling higher bandwidth allocation for data services.

Similarly, VoWiFi is extends mobile operator’s radio coverage and is bundled into a user’s existing mobile plan. VoWiFi works on the core network elements used for LTE access and provides user identity and other mobile services.

With increasing indoor coverage of internet, subscribers are giving up their landlines connection. Mobile operators are viewing this as potential opportunity and are expecting higher customer acquisition rates by offering VoWiFi services

Potential drawbacks which are expected to restrain the growth of the VoLTE and VoWiFi market include necessity of transmitter and receiver (i.e. communication devices) supporting VoLTE technology, limited 4G coverage and high pricing structure. However, with the increasing competition among Telcos to acquire customers in 4G space, increasing adoption of VoLTE supported devices, stabilized prices are expected to change the market dynamics during the forecast period.

Market Segmentation:

Global VoLTE market is mainly classified on the basis of technology, device type, end-users and geographies.

Global VoWiFi market is mainly classified on the basis of voice client, device type, end-users and geographies.

On the basis of technology, VoLTE market is segmented as Circuit Switched Fallback (CSFB), Voice over LTE via GAN (VolGA), Dual Radio or Simultaneous Voice, and LTE (SVLTE)

On the basis of voice client, VoWiFi market is segmented as Integrated VoWiFi client, Separate VoWiFi client and Browser VoWiFi client.

On the basis of device type, VoLTE and VoWiFi market is segmented as smartphones, routers, wireless modems, and others including laptops, notebooks, tablets, and modules.

On the basis of end-users, VoLTE and VoWiFi market is segmented as residential users and commercial users.

Global market of VoLTE and VoWiFi covers following geographies:

North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Asia Pacific Excluding Japan
Middle East & Africa

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Key Market Players

The major players sin the global VoLTE and VoWiFi market include Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Nokia Solutions and Networks, Verizon Wireless (Verizon Communications), Ericsson, Aptilo Networks, Alcatel-Lucent S.A., LG Uplus Corporation, MetroPCS Communications, Inc., AT&T, Inc., KT Corporation and Mitel Networks Corporation.

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