“Haier Smart Home” Displayed at CES and Heavily Reported by Foreign Media


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 15, 2018 On January 9, 2018, International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) was officially opened. As the Smart Home leader in the IoT era, Haier showed up at the CES 2018 with the Smart Home solution that is rolled out by U+ platform, and the Smart Home solution covers GEA, Smart Home scene experience zone, U+ platform and chip display zone, and whole house intelligent experience zone. This time, Haier brought the world first one-stop Smart Home solution, which made a breakthrough in the fragmented world home furnishing market. During the CES 2018, Haier Smart Home was heavily reported by journalists from a lot of countries like the USA, the UK, France, Germany, and Singapore.

On the first day of the CES 2018, a host of journalists gathered outside of Haier Booth, waiting for the opening. With increase of the attendees, Haier Smart Home Experience Zone became the greatest attraction: the Smart Bathroom may be connected with washer, intelligent toilet seat cover, and body fat scale, so that it can collect the user data like body weight and body fat rate (BFR), and faithfully record and track the users' health data, making users know themselves better. In the smart kitchen, the refrigerator, as the brain of the kitchen, is interconnected with kitchen devices like electric oven and kitchen ventilator, and it can recognize and trace the source of food materials through QR code scanning. Also, the refrigerator can recommend healthy recipes for every family member by analyzing the data from the “Witch Mirror.” Such a living scene full of convenience and sense of technology was praised by spectators on site. “Haier makes the equipment think, and proactively provides Smart Home scene's ecological services that exceed expectation,” said a journalist from Reuters who took part in the on-site experience.

According to reports , most products, which were displayed by a multitude of enterprises at the CES 2018, belong to single intelligent product, which only provides single intelligent experience, so that the defects like fragmented scene and poor compatibility are still there. In this case, these products are unable to provide all-around experience on Smart Home scene, thus it is difficult for users to experience the convenience from the Smart Appliances. Smart Home solution, which is rolled out by Haier U+, takes the network devices in five spaces (including smart home, conscious kitchen, conscious lounge,  conscious bathroom, and conscious laundry) as the interactive control center, and connects seven ecospheres (like air, water supply, food, cleaning & care, safety, health, and entertainment), so as to facilitate the interconnection of cross-variety and cross-brand smart appliances, and culminate in realization of the smart life experience for users. In a sense, Haier U+ is the largest smart life solution provider.

The launch of the one-stop Smart Home solution should be attributed to Haier's strength and foresight. As early as 2014, Haier proactively transformed into the Internet and rolled out the world's first fully-open, fully-interactive, and fully-compatible smart life platform Haier U+, and established the uniform interface, so that home appliances of different varieties and brands may access the U+ platform. At the CES 2018, Haier displayed IoT hardware modules (like U+ cloud core) to the world, enabling developers and ecological service providers to directly transform into the IoT through U+ cloud core. In the field of AI, Haier keeps on deploying its business. In the aforementioned Haier Smart Home scene, network devices can automatically track the users' living habits, and independently analyze and study the data, so as to proactively provide users with individualized services. That is based on the AI “Smart Home” solution of Haier U+ platform.

A full-fledged intelligent product system underlies Haier's one-stop Smart Home solution. In terms of product layout, Haier has extended its antenna to all respects of the home life. By integrating brands like Haier, GE Appliances of the USA, Fisher &Paykel of New Zealand, Casarte, Leader, and AQUA of Japan, etc., Haier has fostered the “World No. 1 Home Appliances Brand Group”, which provides extensive geographical space and multi-brand support for landing of the Smart Home scene in the world. Over the past 33 years, Haier brand has been popularized in 160-odd countries and preferred by 1 billion users. In nine consecutive years, it ranked first in the world home appliances market. During the process of globalization, Haier is the first company that finds the industry's weaknesses (like intelligence of single product and fragmentation of services) amid the tendency of intelligence. By virtue of its strong R & D and innovation strength and management model, Haier creatively put forward and implemented the “One-stop Smart Home Solution”.

By virtue of its globalization strength, technological innovation ability, capabilities to meet customer requirements, and strong user foundation, Haier launched onto the market the one-stop Smart Home solution, which carved out a space of development for the worldwide landing of the Smart Home, and resolved problems like intelligence of single product and fragmentation of services. That will not only help propel the world intelligent home furnishing industry to step onto the express lane, but cultivate Chinese brand's role of being the leader in the world smart home industry.

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