Halloween Empire Branches Out Into Seasonal Costumes for Every Holiday


Round Rock, Texas – 04-09-2019 (PRDistribution.com) — Halloween Empire now carries seasonal costumes for every major holiday in addition to traditional Halloween costumes and accessories.

Halloween Empire Online (www.halloweenempireonline.com) now carries a wide range costumes for a variety of holidays throughout the year.

Halloween Empire, an online store offering Halloween costumes and accessories, is branching out into costumes and accessories for major holidays throughout the year in response to consumers’ requests for outfits to wear to celebrate other occasions beyond trick or treat. 

Tony Nwoko, CEO of the popular online retailer, explains, “While we’ve always carried hundreds of costumes in sizes ranging from children to plus sizes, we’ve recently been getting requests for costumes outside of the traditional Halloween season. More people than ever are dressing up in seasonal costumes to celebrate everything from Oktoberfest to Easter and we’re happy to be able to offer our customers the costumes they’re searching for no matter what time of year it is.”



When asked what some of the most popular seasonal costumes have been in recent years, Nwoko replied, “Traditional German folk costumes are increasingly popular these days. We sell a lot of these in August and September because people are gearing up for Octoberfest events at local pubs or their favorite social club. In the spring we sell a lot of Easter bunny, lamb and chick costumes.”

“By far, however, Christmas is the most popular time to purchase costumes outside of Halloween. We have an impressive selection of holiday costumes that range from traditional Santa outfits to unusual holiday costumes like stars, snowmen or Christmas trees. You will also find costumes for nativity plays, including shepherds and angels. For memorable, family portrait Christmas cards, your family can order Santa, Mrs. Claus and elf costumes for Dad, Mom and the kids.”

Nwoko concluded, “Not all Halloween Empire costume orders are for holidays or even seasons. We also get a lot of orders for costumes year-round for parties or events with themes such as the 1960s, Mardi Gras or pirates. Bachelor and Bachelorette costumes are popular any month of the year as well. Our customers are limited only by their imaginations and we’re happy to provide them with everything they need 365 days of the year.”

About Halloween Empire Online: Halloween Empire Online is an online retailer of high-end Halloween costumes,decorations and accessories. Find everything you need to transform you and your home this Halloween and for all your party and celebration needs. Halloween Empire carries a complete line of seasonal costumes for popular holidays and events. Their customer service team is ready to help you put together the perfect costume for your next celebration or special event.


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